Students react after GCSE Geography Paper 3 on 16 June 2023

Geography concept art

The end of an era

Well, it's the day you've been waiting for ever since you started school - you've just finished your GCSEs. Can you believe it?

Let's start your celebrations in style by taking a look at some of the best memes for GCSE Geography Paper 3.

Scroll down for the internet's reaction, and hit the link below to chat about the final paper on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room


Your friends might have tasted freedom first, but you can join them now!

Now you’re done, you can spend time on more important things…

…like a bit of, erm, spring cleaning

You’ve finished school, which creates more jobs and builds the economy

What people are saying about GCSE Geography paper 3 on The Student Room

That exam was perfectly easy (too easy?)... :cool:
This will hopefully be my first ever full marks geography paper... 
And my first ever grade 9 in geography. 


It was okay except for the fact that i ran out of time. I had to quickly do the last 9 marker and then go back ti the last 6 marker. I rushed both of them😢


not my last exam, but I really enjoyed that! my hand kills,but I wrote a really good second 9 marker. the only thing I didn't know was the multiple choice question about the other way to display the data. I never got taught that. 

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