Students react after GCSE History Paper 2 on 7 June 2023

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Shutting the books on an epic day

So it's time for a deep breath after a day that brought a brutal maths/history exam combo. But with GCSE History Paper 2 in the can, what did people make of it?

Well it seems like love is all around for those medicine, Elizabethan and Cold War sections. But the Normans? Hmm, not so much...

See how the internet reacted to GCSE History Paper 2 below, and hit the links for more chat about the papers on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room


Turns out that - sometimes - exam papers ARE predictable

But mostly they're not

And as for Odo? Oh no...

Still - well played to all of you who made it through a serious timetable today

What people are saying about GCSE History paper 2 on The Student Room

elizabeth paper was too good, couldn’t have been any better but cold war could’ve been better but could’ve been worse


Anglo saxon and cold war were both blessings of papers! Knew i was chilling the moment i saw a 16 marker on the damn battle of hastings


cold war was sooo delicious and anglo saxons and normans was pretty good too although for cold war the narrative account was a little weirdly worded like write a narrative account analysing soviet and us relations 1945-47 bit weird but lots to write tbf

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