Students react after GCSE Maths Paper 3 on 10 June 2024

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You + GCSE Maths = finished

So GCSE Maths has now been taken out of the equation. But how was Paper 3? 

Well, it was all adding up nicely until the final about saving the worst for last. 

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Exam discussion on The Student Room

It was as easy as pi...

...but that paper saved the worst for last

@_110522 atleast maths is over now 🙏🏻🙏🏻 #gcses #gcse #gcses2024 #edexcelmaths #fyp ♬ sonido original - Meli

And some of the numbers were a bit off

But you can finally subtract maths from your life...nice one!

What people are saying about GCSE Maths Paper 3 on The Student Room

That paper was a BLESSING crying tears of joy atm


last question was horror


I think paper 3 was the best! I totally forgot how to work out the area of a square based pyramid, but other than, and messed up the plan question near to the front of the paper, but other than that I think it went really well. I think I’ve probably got around 65, so hoping I’ve scraped an 8 overall (I think I’ve got around 180 overall).
I also didn’t attempt the final question (only wrote down 2 things) because I didn’t really have a clue and thought I’d get more marks by going over the other questions and fixing errors.

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