Students react after GCSE Physics Paper 2 on 16 June 2023

Is it really (nearly) over?

So...are you done? For lots of people, GCSE Physics Paper 2 was the end of a long road - a chance to wave goodbye to GCSE exam season once and for all.

And if you do still have one or two papers left - just hang in there. The finish line is so close now.

But how did today's exam go? Here's how the internet reacted - and remember to tap the links below to catch up on the conversation on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room



Just how hard is it to revise when exams are nearly done?

But some revision is just so dang catchy...

The examiners were in no kind of a Friday mood

But lots of people were still going out on a high

And now...physics = done (sorry geography crew)

So - one more play?

What people are saying about GCSE Physics Paper 2 on The Student Room

That exam was actually good. I expected it to be a lot worse but of couse Paper 1 was still easiert. Feeling confdient.


The paper was not easy as hell it was mid


I got all the answers apart from the first question where I got 0.5m/s. That’s what most of the people in my school got.

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