Students react after GCSE Religious Studies Paper 2 on 16 May 2024

religious studies concept art

A gift from God

If you were after a spiritual experience, there’s a chance you got it with GCSE Religious Studies Paper 2. 

The paper claimed that Britain’s no longer a Christian country, but a lot of students have been finding their faith after that generous exam.

Here's how the internet reacted. And don’t forget to catch up with the chat about Paper 2 on The Student Room - just click the links below.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

Apparently Britain is no longer a Christian country…

…but no one's forgotten to love thy neighbour

And tally up your blessings…

…because Paper 2 was a godsend

What people are saying about GCSE Religious Studies Paper 2 on The Student Room

The questions were easy. But I didn’t answer them well. Should’ve revised harder


guys that paper was scrumptious, so so so so beautiful esp the 12 markers (2 markers a bit off but meh) defo made up for paper 1


Bro 12 markers were extremely hard

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