Students react after GCSE Spanish Writing on 10 June 2024

Spanish student concept art

Siesta time!

So GCSE Spanish is finally finalizado, but was today's writing paper written in the stars or a complete write-off? 

One hour felt like a lifetime in that exam. Hmm, what should you do if you finish early? Siesta, of course.

Scroll down for some of the internet’s best reactions. And tap the links below to chat about the AQA and Edexcel papers on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room

So it's pretty hard to learn a language in two hours...

@charizzmarii i really love when i leave revising for an extremely important exam to the last minute 😊😊😊 #gcse #spanish ♬ original sound - ᔆᴾ⁰ᴰ ☆

...but not as hard as staying awake during that exam

Because that paper was lot a longer than it needed to be

At least it's over now - adiós GCSE Spanish!

@0nlyspamz spanish gcse over 🤩🤩#fyp #viral #gcse #spanish #writing @Anya 🧌 @jess @em @emily spamzzz @LuLu ♬ 1991 - ♡

What people are saying about GCSE Spanish Writing on The Student Room

those questions were so easy and so predictable
i thought the grade boundaries were gonna be low after the listening but the translation was super easy


I thought it went quite well and the translation was good except the first sentence


what does everyone think the grade boundaries are????? im trying for a 9 but atp i feel like ill get a high 8 because of that translation+shambolic listening and reading

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