Students react to A-level Chemistry Paper 2 on 19 June 2023

Chemistry concept art

So...did anyone understand those questions?

Has A-level Chemistry got you feeling like Walter White yet? Let’s take a look at what Paper 2 cooked up.

AQA's creative way of wording questions was a failed experiment, but at least they served some family-favourite mechanisms. 

Scroll down for the internet's reaction - and hit the links below to chat about the paper on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room was a lot to process

It's hard to contain all the excitement about mechanisms

My dude that text was unreadable…

...but was it enough to make you break bad?

What people are saying about A-level Chemistry Paper 2 on The Student Room

I felt that it was so much better than paper one. But I'm not too sure about the six-marker question and I definitely failed the NMR questions T-T


6 marker was awful. NMR took too much of my brain energy and time but I got there in the end. I think. I hope.
Mechanisms were good

Not too confident walking out of this


idk why but i felt like all my calculations were dodgy

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