Students react to A-level English Literature Paper 2 on 8 June 2023

English concept art

Karl Marx is not feeling himself today

Well that's all she wrote for A-level English Literature, with Paper 2 bringing the final chapter of this two-year tale.

Frankenstein, fashion choices and philosophical faraway lifeforms were among the topics to come up, so how was it for you?

Read on for reactions from around the web, or hit the links in the box to join in the discussion on The Student Room.

Exam discussion on The Student Room


Some days, you just own that paper

Other days, the paper owns you

Plan B? There is no plan B...

While The Handmaid's Tale crowd found the examiner in a 'creative' mood...

What people are saying about A-level English Paper 2 on The Student Room

OMG WHAT A NICE EXAM! im shocked, they were really nice lol in my opinion


I fumbled the comparative prose and poetry question by not leaving enough time but the unseen was nice.


The last question on the two poems and prose I ran out of time for, I just panicked and wrote all my ideas down in the best way I could

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