Best places online for maths revision

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The internet can be a useful addition to your exam preparation

Your maths revision could be as simple as using a revision guide, your class notes and past papers. But it's also worth experimenting online – you might find a new approach that works for you. 

There are plenty of places on the internet that can freshen up the way you understand concepts and test your number knowledge.

Below, we’ll show you some online maths resources for GCSE or A-level that have been recommended by The Student Room community. 

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Also, you can chat to other students about specific topics or practice questions on our maths study groups for this year's GCSE and A-level exams.

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Understanding different topics

Online revision can help you approach concepts from a different perspective, which may help improve your understanding.

Maths Genie has revision videos, practice questions and answers for GCSE and A-level, while Corbettmaths has a popular series for daily GCSE revision.

“Maths Genie have questions grouped by their 'grade' allowing you to focus on really hard questions.

"Corbettmaths also have their 5-a-day, which is really useful, but have questions specifically for people aiming for 8-9.”


“I did GCSE and A-Level maths, and tutored these too. A great couple of websites for these are Maths Genie and Corbettmaths.

"They have useful videos too to help guide you through topics if you end up struggling.”


“The key is practice so use Maths Genie and Corbettmaths 5-a-day for a quick bit of revision every day, watch videos and attend revision sessions.”


And there are more resources that can help with other areas of your maths revision.

Save My Exams has topic questions, revision notes and past papers for GCSE and A-level, while Mathway is an online calculator for algebra, graphing and calculus that aims to simplify complex concepts.

“Save My Exams is really good for notes and examples on specific topic areas.”


“There are many online resources available that can help you revise Maths. Mathway is a great resource for free online Maths tutorials and practice exercises.”

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Testing your knowledge

Once you’re comfortable with each topic, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. 

You can find questions, past papers, worksheets on websites like MME Revise, Physics & Maths Tutor and Maths Genie.

“MME Revise has levelled questions and you can opt for the correct board." 


"Physics & Maths Tutor have all the past exam questions for each topic and you can find questions with video answers on Exam Solutions."

"There seems to be lots of websites but they are the main two I used alongside Maths Genie and the textbook."


“Go to revisionmaths for maths past papers/revision notes and Maths Genie or Physics & Maths Tutor for worksheets assorted by topic and grade level.

"Corbettmaths also has videos and worksheets."


It can also be helpful to test yourself in different ways by creating flashcards or quizzes. 

Sites like Anki and Quizlet can be helpful for refreshing your memory and finding the areas that make you slip up. 

“I would use spaced repetition by creating Anki flashcards for each topic. Anki is a flashcard program you can download on your laptop.

"If you get the flashcard correct then you see it less often, if you get it incorrect you see it more.” 


“Definitely use Anki or Quizlet. Refreshing my mind on key and major information right before an exam definitely was useful.

"I also smashed through a lot of past papers which definitely helped me know how to correctly answer a question in order to get full marks from the mark scheme.”


Maths revision on YouTube

Video content can be great for more visual learners – and there’s plenty of top maths advice to be found on YouTube.

Here are three channels that have received positive reviews from The Student Room community...

The GCSE Maths Tutor

For those chasing top grades, The GCSE Maths Tutor has a popular series that shows you how to tackle some of the hardest exam questions.

The channel also includes video tutorials and online quizzes for different topics – and there's some A-level videos too.

“The GCSE Maths Tutor has a few nice videos on the hardest maths questions that you could always try to follow along with or do beforehand, and are really for those mega hard questions.”


Bicen Maths

Bicen Maths features maths and further maths lessons recorded live by A-level teacher Seb Bicen, as well as topic summaries and exam papers. 

He also provides blank PDFs of his lesson slides to use alongside the videos. 

“I would recommend Bicen Maths on YouTube - he basically goes through each section of the textbook as a regular lessons (he records during his class lessons) and gives a bunch of exam style questions and runs through them too.

"It has saved me countless times and I'm using even now for my actual A-level.” 


1st Class Maths

1st Class Maths has detailed videos covering every foundation and higher maths topic for this year's GCSEs. 

You'll also find practice papers and a 'spicy questions' series to help you chase high grades.

"Further Maths was difficult. I recommend 1stClassMaths on YouTube for revision, learning concepts and answering questions linked to each topic.”


That's it for maths, but this article shares some YouTubers that can help get your exam revision on track for your other subjects.

And don't forget, you can chat to other students about revision on our study help forums – or ask a question in our maths forum below.

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