Biology isa

  • Biology isa

Equipment: Large potato Knife and chopping board or tile 5 boiling tubes in a rack or beaker Balance Paper towels Sucrose solutions

Measuring cylinder

Marker pen or sticky labels Stoppers for boiling tubes or aluminium foil or cling film Method: 1. Pour 30cm3 of each sucrose solution into separate boiling tubes, label the tubes. 2. Cut the potato into 5 slices('chips) about 6 or 7 mm thick. 3. Cut five of the chips in equal length, as long as possible, such that if they were put into the boiling tubes they would be submerged. 4. Gently blot the chips on paper towel to remove surface moisture. 5. Measure and record the mass of each potato chip. 6. Place the potato chips, one in each tube of solution, noting the mass of each chip in each solution. 7. Cover the tubes and leave them for as long as possible. 8. Remove each chip from the solution, one at a time; gently blot its surface on paper towel. 9. Measure and record the mass of each potato chip.