Revision:Gcse pe: the basic skeletal system

The skeletal system has 4 main functions:- 1. Support and Shape - (These could be separated into two different functions) The skeleton provides many attachment points for tendons, and hols use in a good position (i.e. The vertebrae column) 2. The protection of vital organs - The skeletal system has many flat bones which are placed in order to protect the vital organs (for example, The sternum protects the heart.) 3.Movement- The bones provide resistance which allows the muscles to cause movements. (for example, the femur provides something that the hamstring and quads can move) 4. Production of blood cells- Both red and white blood cells are produced in the bone marrow located in long bones. The red bone marrow creates red blood cells, while the yellow bone marrow creates white blood cells.


There are four main types of bones 1. Long- eg Femur, Humorous and radius 2. Short- eg Carpels 3. Flat- eg Sternum, scapula and cranium 4. Irregular- eg Patella and Vertebrae