Revision:Murder of Agrippina in Tacitus Annals

Murder of Agrippina

ß Agrippina will not allow Nero to divorce Octavia and marry Poppaea

ß Poppaea mocks Nero with emotional blackmail “I suppose my looks and victorious ancestors are not good enough” Uses jealousy “Let me be Otho’s wife again!” Psychological side to P.

ß According to Cluvius Rufus Agrippina was often “All decked out and ready for incest.”

ß Nero decides to kill Agrippina but cannot use poison because she has a physical resistance, also cannot use the dagger because the assassin may shrink from the job and give him away.

ß Anicetus, an ex-slave who hated Agrippina, put forward a scheme of a sinking ship.

ß Nero welcomes Agrippina at Baiae, creating a false sense of security.

ß “Perhaps Nero’s brutal heart was affected by the last sight of his mother going to her death.” Possibly remorseful.

ß The ship begins to sink, her two friends are killed while Agrippina kept quiet and swam to nearby sailing boats who took her home.

ß Agrippina professes ignorance, sends an ex-slave to Nero to tell him that she is okay.

ß Nero panics because the army cannot help and Agrippina may “gain access to the senate.”

ß The ex-slave, which Agrippina had sent, is framed for attempted assassination of the Emperor.

ß Meanwhile many visit Agrippina when she is known to be safe.

ß Three men sent by Nero murder Agrippina, who points to her womb “Strike here.”

ß Nero finally understands the horror of his crimes and mourns, showing him to be unstable

ß A letter is written to the Senate telling them of how Nero HAD to kill Agrippina as she was a threat.

ß Many omens were seen, showing that Tacitus believed in religion and the supernatural.

ß Everyone tells Nero that Agrippina is hated to calm his insecurities.

Tacitus’ writing of the Murder of Agrippina

ß Begins to critisise Nero at the very beginning by saying he was an emperor under orders. ß Uses other authors as references to back up the incest between Nero and Agrippina. ß Adds his own commentary by saying “Not even a fool could believe that” at Nero’s coverup. ß Shows Nero to be unstable by saying that after killing his mother he began mourning. ß Believes in the supernatural as he lists omens which happened during the chapter.