Exam and study tips

What ever level you are studying at, knowing those all important tips to help you get by can make the difference between you feeling ready and prepared for your work and getting in to a state of panic and worry.

We have a number of articles for you, no matter what stage of your education you are at.

General Study Tips

  • University Study Tips - get everything right from the start of University - read advice on how to organise yourself and what you might need to find out during your first few weeks at uni.
  • Starting Sixth Form - more than just study tips - help for when you are starting Sixth Form of college.
  • Markedbyteachers.com - Teacher marked coursework essays, from the makers of TSR

References and Citations

  • Document It – helping you to quickly and accurately record and manage citations and references – to find out more click here.

Working and preparing for exams

Getting Through Exam Time

Our articles are mostly written by student so will focus on the things others have found useful or which worked for them. Your own experiences are important too, so if you see an area of help or tips we do not yet cover or wish to make additions to what is already here, then you can do that. Help is available if you are unsure how to edit an article.