Six ways TSR can help you with your SQA exams

Scottish exams start on the 28th April 2015. Whether you’re feeling the pressure or are calm and ready, TSR has a great forum for Scottish Qualifications. 

Here you can talk and share your knowledge with other students. Sam from MySQA is also on site to help answer your questions, and offer advice and revision tips. 

Here are six things you should do to make the most out of TSR during SQA exam season and ace your exams. 

SQA exams

1) Come and say hello in the SQA exams 2016 Threads.

The chat thread is a great place to meet other students and offer each other advice and support during exam season. If you need to get something off your chest, or want to ask something only a SQA student would know, this is the place for you. 

“If we all stick together and help each other, the suffering may be minimized,” says Higherdude.

There’s also some useful general information about the exams, and past papers here. 

SQA chat forums

2) Check out Sam’s study tips 2015

Sam from MySQA has set up a brilliant thread full of study tips to help you make the most out of your revision and prepare you for your exams. 


Believe you are capable of passing – you wouldn’t be sitting the exam if you didn’t have the ability.

Memorising quotes, dates and formulae is easier if you can memorise the context.

A clear head will hold more facts. Try to focus on the text before you rather than the exam before you.

Have a look in the thread for more gems of wisdom and practical advice.

exam tips

3) Check out Sam’s Exam tips

With exams fast approaching, there are lots of useful tips in this thread to help get you through. Sometimes it's the little things which make all the difference, so have a read to get new ideas which you might not have thought of otherwise. 





Use the same pens etc. you normally use in class. This can be a small psychological booster - use new pens for spares.

Don't be late. Be prepared - pen, check; pencil, check; calculator, check; lucky charm, check...

Keep checking back for more help as the exam season goes on. If you've got any quirky tips to help with exams, share them here. 

SAM's exam tips 2015

4) Find your subject thread


There are loads of subject threads where you can get specific advice for different subjects, predict what questions will come up and discuss the exam after it's happened.

If you can't find yours in the list below have a look in the forum, or start a new one and we'll add it here. 

SQA subject threads:

CfE Advanced Higher Biology 2015/2016

Higher Geography CfE 2015/2016

CfE Higher Politics 

Advanced Higher Maths Help

Higher English 2015/2016

Higher Psychology 2015/2016

CfE Higher Physics


5) Ask Sam from MySQA any questions

If you’ve got any worries about your exams, or any questions at all come and ask Sam here. Whatever you’re wondering about, whether its remarks, being an external candidate or results day Sam will be able to help you.

SAM's exam tips 2016

6) Don't forget to come back for results day

TSR has a brilliant results day hub for SQA, which explains everything you need to know from how to read your results sheet to what you need to do if you miss your grades. 

Don't forget to bookmark it so you know exactly what to do on the big day. 

SQA results day hub 2016

How are you feeling about your SQA exams? Let us know in the comments below!