Weirdest exam invigilators


Look out for these oddballs...

It’s a strange job – just watching, checking, giving out paper. Not too demanding you might think.

But some invigilators bring their own unique style and personality to the job.

Here's some of the weirdest things invigilators have done in exam halls...


You’ve got enough problems in an exam. The last thing you need is to be put off by the very people whose job it is to be inconspicuous.

One of my invigilators started clipping their nails - disgusting

- Marfji

You know when people sneak up behind someone and sharply grab their sides to make them jump? One invigilator did that to another when she was stood right behind me. She then proceeded to laugh quite loud and started hitting the other invigilator like they were schoolkids in love or something.

- Greghayes

My invigilators intentionally wear large high heels and walk slow

- Dante991


It’s a boring job, right? So it’s so surprise when they make it more interesting with a little healthy game playing.

Stand next to the ugliest kid in the room, stand next to the person you reckon is most likely to fail. That sort of thing. All good fun.

- Tubbz

One of our teachers told me that before the exam the invigilators would agree on an animal, and then they would stand by the pupil who looked most like that animal. Makes me paranoid when any invigilator stands next to me in an exam!

- Rocco123

I've seen our exam invigilators with little pieces of paper which I'm certain is for battleships because they ALL have one during the length of the exam and they're all moving around. 

- bizzy_penguin

A teacher in our school admitted they played a game called, 'stand next to the ugliest kid' as well as exam Pacman

- Jack_Miller


Students and invigilators spend a lot of time just … sort of staring at each other. Relationships can develop.

I like Melanie, she gives me a cheeky wink mid-exam

- abchadc

My invigilator told me I smelt nice last week as he gave me my formula booklet...
Safe to say I felt slightly unnerved during my exam 

- Protostar



They have a job to do – the job isn’t that hard. They should be able to do it fine, right?

One of my invigilators just sat slumped in the corner. I got scared and started crying because I thought she had passed away (she was fine). 

- bethaniteddy

We didn't have one half the time so I managed to look up a couple of formulae on my phone for my maths exam.

- Lemon Haze

I was told I had 2 hours, but with just over half an hour left, the invigilator came over and said ‘I made a mistake. You've got 5 minutes to go!’.

- Tuffyandtab


What’s wrong with a little snack during an exam to help maintain concentration?

Our invigilators come round with a box of sweets and use tweezers to put one on your table.

- bliminheck

To ensure we have one of our five a-days, ours force-feed us bananas.

- Katzen


Whats the weirdest thing an exam invigilator has done in one of your exams?


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