Five steps to getting your revision started

Worried about your revision? Don't know where to begin?

Here’s a few simple steps to provide the kick start you need to get you going on the road to exam success.

Get your notes together

First things first - get all your notes together and make sure there’s no gaps in your knowledge. Missed out on any lessons? Or had a particularly rubbish supply teacher for a few weeks? Make sure you swot up on these topics because you can bet that these are the very topics that will come up in the exam. 

You could borrow other people’s notes, go over your text book, look up YouTube videos on your subject- anything that ensures you have all the information you need. Once you’re sure you’ve got legible notes on all your topics, try organising them in a sensible order so that they’re easily accessible if you need to refer back to them.

Past papers are your friend

Some people rely on past papers as their primary revision method and others use them in the few days immediately before the exam. Almost everyone will do a past paper at some point during their exam journey. 

There are loads available online as well as the examiner’s report and exam specifications - all this information will help you understand how to write the best possible exam answers.

Get a plan in place

Before you get going with revision, you need to plan it out. Make sure you leave enough time to fit in all your subjects, that it’s all sensibly spaced out and that you allow yourself time to do fun things as well. 

Try developing your study timetable to reflect the way you’ll actually want to revise by using the Spaced Repetition Method. What you do with this is revise for a subject and commit it to memory, then come back to the subject again and again after increased intervals of time to refresh your memory.

Organise your stationery

Need flashcards? Highlighters? Coloured pens? Go shopping now and get them all in place before you begin to revise. Anything can (and will) distract you from revising once you’re trying to get into it so having everything you need to hand will stop you taking a lengthy break from your revision to locate the stationery you need.

Know who's got your back

Revision season can be really stressful so it’s going to be especially important to have the support of your family, friends and teachers, especially if this is the first time you’ve gone through lots of formal exams. You could also organise a study group with some friends to help each other with difficult subjects and revision techniques.

Will you be planning your revision? Or are you thinking that you'll just dive straight in?

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