Four things to do and one thing not to do this half term

It's half term! The perfect time to put your feet up and enjoy your week off school or college. What's the point in even studying anyway? Exams are so far away! 

Well, perhaps. May is only four months away, and it's time to start thinking about starting if you're not quite ready to start yet. 

We've got a couple of tips for you from our amazing Grow Your Grades users, on what they're doing to begin the long, winding road to ending up with A*s on results day 2018. 

Make a loose plan

Don't bother filling all your time with mounds of studying - this is still a break! However it is a good idea to set yourself a reasonable goal for the week, as this helps you think about what you need to do and how to start going about it. 

"I won't be making a strict plan, as I find them useless; what if I decide to dedicate a certain number of hours to one topic, but it actually ends up taking much longer? This has happened in the past and it has completely ruined the plan, so instead I'm creating a checklist for the entire week" - NotNotBatman

"This half term I want to write down a list on the subjects which I need to make notes on" - Nisha.sri

Get your notes up to date

You can't start studying if you're missing half your notes! Find those screwed up bit of paper, notes scribbled on napkins and entries in your phone and put them all in order. This will also help you to see if you're missing any important bits from the course. 

"Making sure all my notes are in order, and starting to prepare revision materials for the future - I know exam season me will be grateful for it!" - Obiejess

Finish any leftover work

Coursework, homework, EPQ - all things that you need to finish soon, and when better to work on it than when you have a week to spare? 

"I'm hoping to get my final drafts of both English literature and history courseworks complete for Monday 27th Feb - the day they're both due. And if I'm able, then to get as much writing done for my Extended Project" - EstelOfTheEyrie

Rest and relaxation

It is a break, and even though this list may make you think otherwise, there is no need to panic about studying just yet! 

I want to see my high school friends and have a few nights out. - mollyjoy1998

"I'm going to relax!!! Seeing as it's half-term there's no point overworking yourself, only to arrive back at school with your head in the wrong place. Finding the balance between work and free time is key" - misstiah_h

What to avoid

If you follow this article, you should be able to avoid....

"Saying I'm going to do work and not do it. Then complain that I'm not doing work..." - UWS

What are your plans for this half term? Are you busy studying or chilling out?

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