Ocr geography case studies

Case Studies Topic: Volcano =Mt St Helens 1980 Earthquake-MEDC =LA 1994 Earthquake-LEDC =India 1993

River Flooding-MEDC =Lynmouth 1951 River Flooding-LEDC =Bangladesh 1998

Coastal Erosion =Holderness Coast

Rainforest =Amazon

Population Distribution- Heavy =China Population Distribution- Light =Baffin Island

Migration =Mexico to USA

Industry- Set-up =Argos/Stafford Industry- Shut down =Iron and Steel/North Wales Industrialisation =Korea

Farming- MEDC (EU policies) =Gilbert Hitching Farming- LEDC (Green Revolution) =India

Acid Rain =Erzgebirge Mountains, Czech Republic

National Park =Dartmoor

Quarrying- Limestone =Derbyshire

Pollution (oil spill) =Pembrokeshire Oil Spill,Wales Pollution (sludge) =Spain

Traffic in Urban Areas =Reading

Tourism- MEDC =Menorca Tourism- LEDC =Kenya

Energy =Holmewood

Hurricane/ Cyclone =MEDC - Katrina, New Orleans LEDC - Cyclone Sidr, Bangladesh

if you have any better case studies or more information for each subject feel free to change. but these are ones i have found from my notes