Get ready for the optional autumn exams with our last-minute revision techniques and useful resources

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If you weren’t happy with your centre-assessed grades (CAGs), you might have decided to sit the optional autumn exams – here are some useful resources to help make sure you’re fully prepared

The optional autumn exams are just around the corner and if you’ve decided to sit them, revision is probably weighing pretty heavily on your mind.

AS and A-level exams will run from Monday 5 October until Friday 23 October and GSCEs are being held from Monday 2 November until Monday 23 November – so, while you may not have loads of studying time left, you definitely have long enough to give yourself a really good chance of doing well in the exams.

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When are the autumn exams happening and when will the results come out?

You can find links to the full timetables for all the autumn exams here.

AS-level and A-level results are due to be published on Thursday 17 December 2020, while GCSE results are scheduled to come out on Thursday 11 February 2021.

You can find everything you need to know about the autumn exams here, and read about A-level retakes, resits and the autumn exams here.

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Tips for revising when you’re up against the clock

This article on seven things to do in the last week before an exam has loads of useful advice about how to make the most of your revision time – including testing yourself often, condensing what you need to know into small chunks and practising with past papers.

If you’re struggling to get motivated and start revising, this article on 10 ways to kick-start your revision could help get you going.  

And when the day of the exam rolls around, make sure you’re fully prepared and avoid any last-minute panics with these seven things to do the night before and morning of an exam.

This article on exam technique will also help you do better in an exam without actually knowing any more, with tips on how to answer questions effectively and advice for getting your timings right.

You could also take some advice from TSR members, with these 20 ways top students are cramming their way to exam success.

Find more useful articles in our revision help and tips hub here.

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Useful revision resources

Our free revision resources can help save you even more time. We have templates for study tools as well as a resource library of thousands of existing notes made by other students across all levels and in all subjects.

You can build an online study planner in less than 15 minutes here. Even if your exams are fast approaching, it’s worth planning out your days to make sure you don’t leave any glaring gaps in your knowledge.

Mindmaps are an especially helpful tool for visual learners – you can build your own using our tool here or take a look at the thousands of existing mindmaps made by other students in our resources library. Keep an eye out for the ones with five-star ratings.

When every minute counts, flashcards and revision cards are perfect for cramming on-the-go. You can find our flashcard creation tool here, or create revision cards here. Alternatively, browse the revision cards and flashcards made by other students in our resources library.

This article will help you make great revision notes. You can create yours online or find thousands or ready-made revision notes covering every subject in our resource library – keep an eye out for the teacher-recommended ones.  

Quizzes are another fun (and quick) way to revise. Make your own here, or delve into our resources library for ready-made quizzes.  

Past papers are a really great way to get back into the swing of revision after this year’s summer exams were cancelled – learn how to use them to ace your exams here. Our past papers hub contains all the recent Pearson (Edexcel), AQA and OCR past papers in key subjects.

Talk to other TSR members

You can join the A-level autumn exams megathread here, to chat to other TSR members taking the autumn exams and share your revision tips.

You could also post any questions you have or tips you want to share in the GCSEs forum, the A-levels forum or the revision and study tips forum.

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