Here's how The Student Room has been making headlines all week

Exam cheat

The Student Room has been making headlines all over the internet this week with our exclusive research into exam cheating. 

We asked you to tell us about your experiences of cheating in the exam hall: people you've seen doing it, the methods you've seen them using, whether you've even been tempted to do it yourself.

Our research uncovered some fascinating results.

  • Four in 10 students have cheated
  • Students in Wales are the least likely to cheat; students in Yorkshire and Ireland the most
  • Most cheating methods are low-tech (sneaking in notes or copying another student's answers)
  • But some high-tech methods, including UV pens and concealed headphones, have been used
  • One in five students are very concerned about cheating in exams, with many suggesting students should be searched on their way into the exam hall

It's undoubtedly a hot topic and publications from the Daily Mail to The Times have been reporting on it.

Here are some of the top places where The Student Room has hit the headlines this week... 

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