As perceived, Patriotism is a feeling of nationalism, a respect for one’s nation, it’s history and the sacrifices made by brave souls for it.

It is a gun embedded in one’s soul for defending the sovereignty of the country. It is a passion to work, live and die for the people of one’s tribe, country and community. It is adulation towards the motherland which has given birth and supported the livings. The individual who has this crush on his nation is a patriotic person.

Patriotics have passion and love for their flag. Blessed ones are those who can stand on the borders of the country and guard it through the midst of freezing winters breezes, through tough dark midnight hours, through hot sunny desert terrains or through gun points of the enemy. If really, all would have been that spirited then britishers could never have jurisdicted Indians for 200 years, then china could never have crossed the borders of the land of gold, as once said. But not all are that jingoistic towards their commonwealth. Be Bhagat Singh, the lion-hearted, who to make a change in British India, to make Bharat Mata free from the chains of English started and inspired the revolution, and later laid down his life for the nation. Mahatma Gandhi was that audacious to navigate a non-violent army of millions to the air of freedom. This is what patriotism is; to stand up and fight for your nation. It is patriotism to work hard right back in the fields like farmers to demolish the mighty powers of hunger commanding the ghettos of the nation. But is this really patriotism to serve a confined group of people and neglecting the rest of humanity? Is this really patriotism to defend the sovereignty of the country by demolishing other nations? Is it really patriotism to go and oppress a minority, rule it and then loot it for the benefits of one’s own public? No, No, No. No, it is not patriotism. One can’t be patriotic by simply guarding one’s own country. One can’t be patriotic by simply stabbing others, so that one’s community rests in peace. God created this beautiful earth with no drawn margins on land to show no divisions in humans. He created human race, only and only one race. It’s all our doctrines that have divided mankind into Black or White, American or African, Christian or Muslim. We all are derivatives of a single soul, integrated in the heart of Almighty Parmatma. Then why do we keep on discerning between the people of different communities, castes, or nations. This has sectionalized people into different cells. It actually starts from very deep within us. First we hate each other because we are different humans, not part of each other. Then we serve only our families and not others because they are not ours and thus, are different. Then, we differentiate because we are from different villages. Further into, we fight because we are from distinct parties. Then, we criticize because we are from separate religions. We compete because we are from non identical states. We stand on borders to kill each others because we’re from divergent countries. Due to these differences and variations among us, entire world is divided with no love, no care, no adulation or concern for others. Now, we have become so that selfish that we can’t imagine ourselves into the place of others to know about others feelings or sufferings. How mean this human race, me and you have really become? And on the other hand we’re patriotic because we serve, care and love our nations. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!! Man, first look within yourself. If a man can’t love other humans, then I fear that we all are unaware of the symbol of patriotism. In one word definition, patriotism is love, mean it, it’s not hatred. Once perceived as love for only our own realms but hatred for others, it’s very woeful. It has led to wars. Exploring history we get to understand that all loathed enmities were due to mistaken patriotism. Those passions to serve Germans made Hitler become the centre of tornado set during World War II. That regard for only their tribe, made Muslims pounce upon America to create a devastating adversity, killing thousands. That sovereignty to safeguard their empire got America to seek revenge against Japan, throwing two nuclear bombs, whose upshots are still detectable in generations. That greed for the country started Indo-Pak-China War, killing; really I can’t mention. So mind it, don’t perceive Patriotism in a different way. It’s only love, love, love, that’s it. If one truly wants to be patriotic, then go and give some money from your wealthy account to a beggar, a human, so that he can feed his starving stomach. Then go tell your countrymen that we don’t require any army, for we are above the stage of contending and we are no more infatuated with only Americans or Indians but all mortals around the corners of every country. To be truly patriotic, just don’t stay bound to serve only your family but to this humankind, to the needy, and to the sufferers, like Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, like Booker T. Washington, like Guru Gobind Singh Ji who got his entire family, from his grandfather to his sons martyred, for the sake of existence of true humans. A true way of being patriotic is to follow the path told by Guru Nanak, i.e no religion, just have love for all. His shown way is Sikhism which is not a religion but a road that needs to be travelled to get the essence of true love for everybody born into this Adam and Eve’s earth. This journey has made people like Bhai Ghanaiya Ji, who being a Sikh served even the Muslim infantry with greatest love and compassion. This is what patriotic people have and distribute, a concern for humanity. Be like Mother Teresa, who being a Roman Catholic came to India to serve blinds, disabled and Leprosy sufferers. When fully patriotic, then we even feel affection for our enemies, for they are humans, the creation of Eternal Almighty. When fully compassionate, then every Indian will feel adulation for britishers who ruled us for years, for all neglected Blacks in Africa, to all Chinese who gunned us down in 1962, to all Pakistani brothers who attacked us for Kashmir. Not only Indians but whole world is to float with that love for one and all. All of us have to rise to the platform of care, a service for Homo sapiens.

This is what true patriotism means. Give love and have love and then I see no reasons why the wars will not come to a halt.