The bermuda triangle in indonesia region

Mystery " Masalembo Triangle " , the Bermuda Triangle in Indonesia Region


" Triangle Masalembo : Bawean Island - City Majene - Central Islands , occasional ocean currents and winds flows due to the pressure difference in the daily or annual cycle ( monsoon ) and the two bump into one similar like a tornado , hurricane , hurricane or typhoon but in lap slow but suddenly changed direction . "

Two traffic accidents on air and sea transport in the area or better known Masalembo Masalembu this , in the last few years is very alarming .

Tampomas - II while sinking on January 27, 1981 in waters Masalembo

The first , traffic accidents that befall marine ships Senopati Nusantara on December 29, 2006 .

Then on January 1, 2007 airplane crash of Adam Air flight 574 with tail number PK - KKW . ( see location blackbox ) ( see the video of Adam Air , Air Crash Investigation NatGeo TV , Indonesian text )

This was followed in July by the sea transport accident KM Mutiara Indah which sank in the waters Masalembo on July 19, 2007 .

Adam Air flight 574 with tail number PK - KKW missing in waters Masalembo on January 1, 2007 , was Taxiing towards the runway .

Seven days later, on July 27, 2007 followed by the sinking of KM Dawn Mas , also in waters Masalembo .

Not yet a month after the incident , KM Resources Early sank again in the same waters on August 16, 2007 .

Kemudiann two years ago in 2009 on the day Sunday, January 11 in the morning, there is also unfortunate that KM Lotus Prima sank in the same waters .

Roro vessel ( ferry ) Senopati Nusantara which also sank in waters Masalembo on December 29, 2006

Everything is thought to occur at the same location closer to each other in the eastern Java Sea and in the waters surrounding the islands Masalembo .

Even at first KM Tampomas II also burned at sea and sank in the same area on January 27, 1981 . ( see satellite map locations )

Why the same months huh ? Perhaps because these months are the peak months of transition or change of seasons throughout the Indonesian archipelago located around the equator .

Masalembo Triangle

But why this accident in a location that is roughly the same ? Probably just a coincidence , or ... ?

Masalembo Island is actually a tiny island that is located at the end of the Sunda Shelf .

Small islands are located in the " fork " of the sea is the horizontal Java Sea from west to east and the Makassar Strait vertically cut north to south .

Patterns in the ocean depths Masalembo Triangle is very clearly shows an almost perfect triangular shape in the form of an equilateral triangle .

KM Lotus Prima sank in waters Masalembo , Majene January 11, 2009

In depth map or map the bathymetry can be seen a triangular shaped islands form .

After the events of sea and air transport accidents , the region comprises several islands is sometimes called the " Triangle Masalembo " or " The Masalembo Triangle " . ( see satellite map locations )

There is everything in this Masalembo Triangle area anyhow ? Let us open the open a little bit yes . But do not expect a lot of mystical side , will be parsed more terrestrial and maritime side only.

Indonesian seabed in Masalembo Triangle

Arlindo meeting ( Flow Sea Indonesia ) Indonesian Throughflow ( ITF ) , indicate the relationship between the relationship between ITF and the El - Nino Southern Oscillation ( ENSO ) ( Source, Gordon , A. , 1998)

Described below sea currents in Indonesia , especially in Eastern Indonesia. Consider the current passing through the Triangle Masalembo .

Arlindo meeting ( Flow Indonesian Sea ) including " Masalembo Triangle "

At the top ( green line ) indicate sea water flowing from the west elongated in the Java Sea , a seasonal monsoonal streams or flows .

This current is greatly influenced by the weather and the season . While there are other currents Makassar Strait from the north which is the thermocline , or the flow of sea water due to temperature differences in the ocean . Both of these currents meet around the Triangle Masalembo .

KM Mutiara Indah sank in waters Masalembo July 19, 2007

Although the movement is not fast , but of course this will greatly affect the flow of ocean shipping in the region . Surely this seasonal flow is also strongly influenced by the temperature of sea water due to solar heating .

Keep in mind that the sun moves to shift the trajectory of the north - south - to - north with the annual cycle . That is why in about January is a time of seasonal change in current ( monsoon ) .

What's interesting from this Arlindo ? These currents bring cold sea water from the Pacific Ocean to Indonesia and the discharge of up to approximately 15 million meterkubik per second ! And almost entirely through the Makassar Strait .

Search KM Dawn Mas who drowned in the waters Masalembo July 27, 2007 and then followed by the sinking of KM Resources Early that sank in the same waters on August 16, 2007

Of course, the flow of water is not just water flow only. Many other aspects that come with a stream of water flows , for example there will also flow marine fish , marine sediment and stream water temperature .

What are the effects of this flow relationship with the maritime own ? Obviously a great deal .

If described easily , perhaps Makassar Strait profiles can be seen as below.

On the basis of the profile over the Makassar Strait rock looks different Kalimantan and Sulawesi rocks , this is caused because of the striking differences between Western and Eastern Indonesia Indonesia .

Borneo is part of the Sunda Shelf ( Indonesia West ) being a part of the Sulawesi Eastern Indonesia . Well the dividing line first discovered by the so-called Wallace Line Wallace ( Wallace Line ) .

Wallace Line is actually the result of research animals Indonesian West - East , but actually there are also implications or manifestations of aspects of geology ( rock constituent ) .

From the rock we know that under the Strait of Makassar , there are a very complex geology . And over the Makassar Strait also have the special characters in the world , where the water flow is very large .

Evacuation of casualties KM Cargo types that also sank in waters Masalembo on July 8, 2008

And of course there is a split between the meteorological aspects of the area above water with the area above the land , namely the cloud . The cloud is a special phenomenon that is most often found on the mainland .

The wind will also blow because of differences in air pressure heat . At night the wind was blowing onshore , otherwise during the day when the sea breeze blowing .

Changes in onshore sea breeze because the temperature change in the daily cycle , but of course there is also the annual cycle or the so-called monsoon cycle .

Then finally they bump into one , this is similar to the change in air pressure and meet and form like a tornado , hurricane , hurricane or typhoon .

Often the Bermuda Triangle area associated with the condition of magnetism . Is there a magnetic map Masalembo the Triangle area ?

Three map above shows the total magnetic intensity , declination maps , declination and annual change ( source NOAA ) .

If you are interested in staying in the details just click . Which can be seen in the third map is , the absence of something that is striking both in the Bermuda Triangle and Triangle Masalembo .

Indeed, since the first is often reported an oddity when the magnetic compass through this haunted area . Physical ( magnetic measurements ) it does not look anomalous .

Just seen that Indonesia in general is an area that has a very small declination and iklinasi . And is an area that has a low total magnetic intensity , perhaps because Indonesia is a relatively " young " compared to other daerah2 .

When compared with the Bermuda Triangle , Triangle Masalembo location also showed no weirdness . It looks like a triangle Masalembo awesomeness is more determined by factors that are not mystical natural disturbances .

Is perhaps the most dominant meteorological factors including weather factors , including wind , rain , clouds , humidity , and water temperatures may indeed be a manifestation of a configuration of rocks and geological conditions , as well as geography oceaografi very unique .

If it 's Masalembo Triangle pose many sea and air transport issues , of course, necessary traffic signs sea and air more sophisticated placed on this location . ( ICC.WP.COM / various sources )