Useful history websites

  • HistoryASM Making history fun, accessible and interesting in the digital age.
  • BBC History - this is pretty good. it has interesting articles, information on upcoming historical programmes on TV and radio, and some pretty nifty games too
  • School History - it has revision information, online help, games and quizzes, and so on.
  • Spartacus Schoolnet - this is a good site for general research. it gives a good overview of the key figures and periods that are most commonly studied.
  • Explaining History - a really handy site for ebooks that explain different aspects of 20th Century History that are normally covered by most exam boards.
  • School History - it's a school site. it has revision notes, quizzes and resources for things covered throughout secondary education.
  • S-cool - A Level History on the Tudors
  • [1] - A Level History on Key individuals during the reign of Henry VIII