How TSR can be your exam lifeline

Buoyancy aid on the ocean

Let's face it, everyone doing exams needs a bit of help

Help learning stuff, help managing the stress and help dealing with procrastination, last-minute panics and all the other baggage.

On TSR there are thousands of other students doing the same exams, going through the same emotions and experiencing the same frustrations as you. And they're waiting to help, share, support and advise.

The TSR community can be your saviour at every point – before, during and after the exams.

Before your exams

Practice with past papers is an essential part of exam preparation and TSR has a bank of past papers and mark schemes covering all the major GCSE and A level subjects. 

Need some flashcards, revision notes, quizzes or mindmaps? Or some essay plans? There are thousands here, created by the best students and shared to help the TSR community. 

And if you'd rather make your own, there are tools for creating every kind of revision resource. And the ability to test yourself too.

If revision planning is your thing then there is a smart revision planner. Just put in your exams, lesson times, holidays and regular commitments, then it will automatically set revision sessions for you.

Go to TSR's study help forums to find advice and support with your revision from other students.

During the exams

Want to see what everyone else is thinking about your exams? 

What are teachers saying might come up in the exam? What's the question everyone's dreading? And the one everyone's hoping for? What revision methods are working for everyone else? What are the best videos and websites?

TSR has threads for every big exam, all of which can be found in the following places:

GCSE exam discussion list

A-level and AS level exam discussion list

SQA exam discussion list

Razzzberries says: "This is absolute GENIUS. Thank you guys!"

After the exams

What answers did everyone else get? How do yours compare? Where do you think the grade boundaries will be? 

You can find all this out as soon as an exam finishes using TSR's unofficial mark schemes. 

Unofficial mark schemes are the ultimate post-exam opportunities for sharing the pain, commiserating, letting off steam and generally seeing how everyone got on. Have a look at the 2018 list – we'll add a link to the 2019 version as soon as the exams start.

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