Ib middle years programme

IB Middle Years Programme

The MYP is a GCSE equivalence of the International Baccalaureate curriculum. It follows from the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and prepares students for the IB Diploma (DP). Though MYP years are usually referred to as Years 10-11 (Grades 9-10), it actually encompasses Years 7-11 (Grades 6-10). The MYP prepares students for the IB Diploma/Certificate programme. The unique characteristic of the MYP curriculum are the Areas of Interaction which aims to make effective lifelong learners.


The MYP grades on a grading scale of 1-7, similar to the IB Diploma scale. Though the criteria are different for each subject, it follows the same principles, and thus allows students to get used to the system before moving onto IB.

The Final MYP score assesses 8 subject areas and a Personal Project component, adding up to a score out of 63:

1. English [A/B] 2. World Languages [A/B] 3. Maths [Core/Core-Plus/Extended/Extended-Plus] 4. Sciences [Biology, Chemistry and Physics] 5. Humanities [History/Commerce/Geography] 6. Creative Arts [Music/Art/Drama] 7. Technology [Design Technology, Information Technology] 8. Health and Physical Education (PE + Lifeskills) 9. Personal Project (which focuses on one or more Areas of Interaction)

The candidate who passes the MYP with more than 36 points out of 63 and with more than 15 CAS points (accumulated from the last 2 years of MYP) will receive an MYP certificate. Any who fails the MYP are discouraged from continuing with the IB Diploma (though it is possible to move onto IB Diploma/Certificate).


Personal Project

The Personal Project is an individual project which prepares students for the Diploma Extended Essay. It consists of 3 components: A Product, Process Journal, and a Personal Statement (3000 words). The majority of the scores achieved comes from the Personal Statement. A Personal Project is done over a period of 9 months during the last two years of MYP. The project must focus on one or two Areas of Interaction (Homo-Faber, Environment, Health&Social Education, Community and Service, Approaches to Learning). Like the Extended Essay, the nature of the Personal Project and its statement is dependent on the AoI which it focuses on.



Though it is part of the IB programme, MYP is still considerably less popular than the IB Diploma, and not all schools who offer the IB DP offer the MYP. Students are assessed Internally but MYP works are often moderated with other MYP schools, as the IB is moderated. There is no standardized exams that are taken at the same time of year like the IB.