Making a film


Many people out there don't understand how hard it truly is to make a quality film. These tips will hopefully guide you in the right direction!


  1. Pre-Production Phase: This phase is the most important! Decide what you want your movie to be about. Don't plagarize, come up with something original. It is okay to be influenced off of other films you have seen but make sure it is your own idea. Be specific!
  1. Once you have your idea, start storyboarding/scripting! Example: Character A walks into restaurant. WRONG! How does he walk? Casually? Cockily? Is he carrying something? The little things make a big difference!
  1. Before you are ready to film, plan, plan, plan! Decide in advance what locations you are going to be using and prepare your cast by giving them a copy of your script. While improving can sometimes be a good thing, it is critical that they know the bulk of their dialogue!
  1. Production Phase: The actual filming begins! Follow your storyboard exactly as it was written. This will help with any questions/problems your talent has. Be sure to shoot multiple takes as well! You never know when there might be lighting in the way and other miscellaneous issues.
  1. Post-Production Phase: Bring together all of your footage onto a computer and edit it! Windows Movie Maker is not recommended! Some more reliable programs include: Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro, and others.
  1. Edit the film to make it look professionally. For example, if your going to put subtitles in, don't make them red, size 72 font and in the middle of the screen! Make them the way you would see them in other films! Professionality is the key to making a film many will enjoy.
  1. You're almost there! Once edited, burn the film to a DVD and share with friends and family. Congratulations! You have made your first film!


  • Be Creative!
  • Don't push any ideas, let them come naturally to you.
  • Run ideas by friends/trusted people to get honest opinions.


  • Don't plagarize
  • When using a location, be sure you have the owner's written permission or you could face some serious consequences.

What you will need

  • Creative Ideas
  • Dedicated People to Assist You
  • Film Equipment
  • Computer for Editing