Need a revision pick me up?

Download Circle

Everyone stop! Move away from the revision books... it may be hard, but come on everyone needs a break once in awhile.

Take 5 and let us turn your day around, whether you need a coffee to power you through that dreaded all nighter or a pack of pro plus, we’ve got you covered #CircleMyDay

To redeem your revision pick me up, download Circle. Once you've got it, tap in the promo code STRESS-FREE and you will get £3 in your account.

But why Circle?

Circle makes sending money super simple, so let us take the stress of money away from you. The uses are endless and can be done with just a few clicks on your phone. Better still, there are no fees. Circle allows you to do things like:  

  • Send your flatmate a fiver for the late night revision dominos
  • Remind your mates they owe you for end of exam beers
  • Send a cheeky request to your parents for the revision book money



Code can only be claimed by the first 1500 new users.

To be eligible to enter the promocode STRESS-FREE you must have joined Circle after 1st April 2017

Promotion will end 30th June.