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  • - Free IGCSE Edexcel Revision Notes
  • [1] - Free physics revision site - lots of background info, explanations and examples and tips on exam technique. Useful full annotated solutions to questions.Mainly AQA syllabus.
  • - Free physics revision videos, aimed mostly at GCSE and A Level students. Also includes worked solutions for the Oxford PAT. Not that many videos yet, but new videos are added regularly.
  • - A site that allows you to buy the IGCSE Physics Simplified Revision book. There are also some free notes to different topics on there.
  • - video tutorials on CIE IGCSE Physics and exam paper walkthroughs. Some paid, but lots of free resources!
  • Great videos for learning physics
  • Physics Exam Practise - Great site for practising physics exam questions. Its not free but the questions are very useful prep for exams and the solutions are fully explained.
  • physics help for a level - free website explaining A level physics in simple terms. Great to understannd concepts. With video tutorials too!
  • Revise AS Physics In A Fortnight - Great ebook revision guide that isn't free but is well worth the money. It's basically a guide to answering exam questions for AS Physics
  • SWOT Revison - A good website covering AS-Level physics (posted by theflyingpig).
  • Hyperphysics - This is a very useful website, I use it all the time (posted by jpowell). Just to note this is aimed at university level physics - in fact first year undergrads are warned some of it will go over them but a lot is still very useful for A-levels and Advanced Placement.
  • Feynman Lectures - Also maybe not that useful but damn interesting. The master in action... a couple feynman lectures on video (posted by ApeXavier).
  • MathWorld - Very useful site (posted by croissantfever).
  • Antonine - A Teachers Notes specifically for A-level Physics.
  • PhysicsWorld - Very useful site (posted by croissantfever).
  • S-Cool - good revision website for GCSE and AS /A level for all subjects including physics (posted by Bluefairy).
  • National Physics Laboratory - They have a phone number that you can call during normal working hours and get assistance on physics issues. The NPL helped me out regarding Young's modulus for glass reinforced epoxies. In that case the helpline greatly reduced the stress and strain that I was experiencing (posted by Dr Pruss).
  • Physics - is a site for teaching and revising physics. It is aimed at A-level students and pre-university students. The site uses flash to demonstrate key ideas and there is a forum where you can ask a physicist questions.
  • PhysicsInfo - Great for physics past papers and notes for GCSE and AS/A Level
  • - This guy is a legend. Awesome for Physics, as well as other subjects. (posted by Awesomesauce).
  • ToKToL Physics - Adaptive self-study platform for physics A-levels; you select the topic and study by answering questions that are repeated if you get things wrong; questions get harder as you get better
  • Advanced Physics tutor website - A new website that aims to cover all A-level physics specs and boards, through podcast, videos, games, past paper questions etc.
  • [2] - A website with a great deal of resources for GCSE, iGCSE, AS and A-Level for all exam boards.

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