Top study secrets of STEM students

How do you make the most of your science subject?

Science, technology, maths and engineering; those pesky STEM subjects can be tricky to revise, with long-winded equations that are very easy to mess up and will ruin your whole answer if you do. How can you make the most of revising for a STEM subject? Well, from biology to further maths with some computer science in the middle, we've got you covered, with top tips from the Grow Your Grades community... 


Whether you set daily goals, or are thinking about an overall way to handle your revision, the most important thing is to plan. 

Today, I did 1 and a half hours of maths. This fell short of my 2 hour goal, however, what I got done was worth every second of that time and I made excellent use of that 1.5 hour. I solidified my understanding of quadratics, particularly solving them, as this was a topic I wasn't as confident on previously. - Mikos 

My new academic years resolution: Adopt Beaver Mentality.This year I intend to revise for my exams the way beavers build their dams: one twig at a time.

I keep trying to pick up huge trees and dump them across the river to dam the water all at once, but much like beavers, my arms aren't big enough to hold big oak trees. I keep dropping them. Instead, I need to start gnawing down the tree trunks until I have manageable chunks of wood that I can construct over time into a better, more secure dam. - Theother51


This is one that can apply to all students ever - turn off your phone for the afternoon!

I turned my phone off and decided I'd commit myself to doing a MAT paper to time. - Emilysarah00

Since I last made a post I decided to go on a social media cleanse for a week. Meaning I've deleted all of the social media apps I have on my phone (apart from whatsapp - I need that for school work) and I'm banning myself from looking at any of it. - Tate00


Keep track of your marks

It can make all that revision feel worth it when you can see you marks improve on every test you do. 

I managed to get 36/40 on the multiple choice which was a significant improvement on my first attempt of 24/40. So obviously some of this preparation is helping me! - Emilysarah00

In my last two lessons I had maths. In the first, we got our mock papers back and our teacher went through all of the questions. I got a respectable 49/59, which I'm pretty happy with, the most annoying thing though, is that most of the marks I lost were to really silly mistakes - Agaaga1010

I got my chemistry test back on Friday and all I could see was that big, fat C on it. It's really hard then to slow down and take something away from it because all you really want to do is crumple up those sheets of paper, stomp on them a few times and possibly (probably) set it on fire. Instead I found myself going through the test with a green pen, trying to figure out where it all went wrong. and try to learn from it.  - Luberry

Be honest

If you think about what your shortcomings are, you can work on them. If you only think about what you're good at, you're never going to improve. 

Overall I am proud of myself for the amount of work I have put in to preparing for this (I got every past paper on the website done,) I can go into tomorrow knowing I have practised for this to the best of my ability and I just need to sit the paper and give it my best shot. I am absolutely flippin' petrified but I'm expecting the worst so then anything more is a bonus! - Emilysarah00

Hopefully by the end of the school year I can change my grades, however the chances are slim if keep going at the rate I currently am. All I've done this half term is procrastinate, procrastinate and (you guessed it) procrastinate! - Tate00

It might be your worst enemy: How to avoid procrastination 

Use resources

There's a world of great resources out there, so make the most of them, whether they're geared towards a STEM subject or not. 

A great way that I found to make notes is to use OneNote instead of keeping notes on notebooks. This is due to OneNote allows me to insert screenshots and pictures that I need and that I couldn't draw conveniently (e.g. the 3D structure of a protein). - Cester

I used Mathsgenie! Mathsgenie has excellent maths revision resources for the new 9-1 scheme, and I HIGHLY recommend it. It has helped me so much to understand maths better. - Mikos

I've been inspired by on of my favourite youtubers, UnJaded Jade, to get more into to do lists to make sure I am on top of my work through out the school year. - Tate00

Find thousands of STEM resources here: flashcards, quizzes, mindmaps and more. 

Take breaks

You've got to give your brain time to take all that complex information in. Why not give your brain a rest by bingewatching something?

I then debated trying to do another MAT paper in hope it went better but I thought better of it and took a break after my mum shouted at me that I'd been doing work for too long. So I had a hot chocolate whilst watching an episode of gossip girl. - Emilysarah00

Today felt like such a long day, my head is killing me and it’s quite late, but I want to watch something on Netflix. Maybe I’ll accidentally binge watch an entire show or something. - R2S2IsASith

Which STEM subject are you doing? What are your top tips for studying? Join the discussion below.

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