Three reasons you may feel demotivated right now

Every year around this time a gloomy fog descends around some discussions on TSR. 

I feel so demotivated right now. I feel like there's so much to do and such little time - Tammie123

It’s so hard to get going – it’s just dark all the time and I just want to sleep. - Thionus87

Are you feeling just a bit like this? Here’s some reasons why you might be – and the reasons why things will get better. 

Teachers are in overdrive

The specification may be new so they’re not that confident about the content or assessment plus they’re probably a bit behind on the scheme of work. That means they’re rushing through new stuff, not doing as many interesting activities and piling on more and more homework. Their anxiety is contagious.

How to stay positive 
Bear with them. Courses will end, study leave will start. Teachers will calm down and realise that it’s actually all up to you. 

It's still winter

It’s dark and cold. Christmas is a distant memory. Often it’s raining. You could well be getting up in the dark and going home in the dark. There’s not even much snow to compensate. 

How to stay positive 
Spring is coming, flowers will bloom, lambs will leap, blah blah blah etc

Revision and exams are looming

Look ahead and what do you see? Complex weekly revision plans, struggling to learn scientific theories, turning down fun events, not to mention a confrontation with the ugly demon of procrastination, all leading up to sitting in the exam hall desperately trying to recall half-remembered facts. 

How to stay positive 
Once revision kicks into gear things get better – you build up some momentum and actually get some satisfaction from learning things and finally working out what that course was all about.

And those exams will finish. A long, glorious summer awaits you.


What do you do to stay motivated during this time of year? Share your tips below! 

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