Why now is the best time to start revising

This time last year TSR asked the community when they were going to start their revision, 55% said that February was the best time to get started for summer exams. 

Well, February is here. Does it feel like you need to start studying when exams are so far away? Wouldn’t it make sense to wait until you’ve finished your course? Or at least until the Easter break? 

Maybe you don’t have to start doing 8 hours of revision a day just yet, but we do have three reasons why you should start at least thinking about revising now…

So you can get a head start

Going into classes with a focus on applying what you’re learning to the exam? Making sure you fully understand key concepts and ideas? Making notes that you can eventually turn into exam notes? All of these can only help you when revision time comes around. 

If you're not sure about something, our study help forums have hundreds of students who are asking the exact same questions that you also want answering. Our discussion threads are a great way to prepare for your exams, speaking to students around the country about the kind of questions that might be asked, learning new revision techniques and completing past papers together. 

Most popular subject forums:
Maths Forum: Full of mathematical geniuses 
English Literature and Language: From grammar help to character analysis 
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So you know what you have to do

If you make a study planner, you'll at least have an idea of the task ahead of you and can mentally prepare yourself for the studying you'll eventually have to do. It probably won't even be as daunting as you think it'll be... 

FloralEssence shares her revision secret weapon “I try to revise every day, that way you are always consolidating your knowledge meaning that when the exams come up, you are not too stressed”

So you don't panic at the end

You don’t want to be a week away from the exam and be told that the exam actually has 4 questions and not 3, sending you into a tailspin when you don't have much time left. Familiarise yourself with past papers and avoid any last-minute surprises. 

Remember there is only so many ways you can be assessed, so the chances are that very similar questions will be in your exam, or maybe even a combination of a couple of questions that have been asked in the past. 

We have past papers for the majority of GCSE and A-level subjects for the boards AQA, Edexcel and OCR. 

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Do you agree? Do you think you'll start revising in February?


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