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What is Gi2C China Internship Program like? YOU Be The Judge... watch

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    I am sounding the alarm on a company called “Gi2c.org” which previously used the alias of “Getin2China.com” which is based in Beijing China and which sells internships to foreign students, and the unemployed abroad. What they do is not illegal in China but is illegal in the countries where they solicit with telemarketing fraud and deception. First the basics of how this company operates…
    • Ownership & Fake University Partnerships: According to “whois.com” the company website is registered to a person named Yuri Khlystov. Although the website has a .org domain it is NOT an organization, NOT a NPO, NOT an NGO, and it is NOT partners with tope 100 universities in America and the UK as their telesales people often claim on the phone. In fact this group photo of SMU on the web site is a fraud according to the SMU alumni association which claims they have no knowledge of Gi2c.org
    • Fake Overseas Locations: On the homepage of Gi2c.org it lists many office locations around the world that simply do not exist. They claim they have offices in Tokyo, New York, London, Canada, Los Angeles.. When you call each of the numbers the same person will answer the phone- in Beijing where it has been call forwarded. I have asked Gi2c management and the receptionist to provide mailing addresses and street locations for these foreign offices and they just hang up the phone. They do have a nice big office in Beijing and rent an apartment in Shanghai that they call their Shanghai office.
    • 15 Employees of 20 Resigned In Last Year: The Shanghai office was recently managed for 5 year by a Chinese girl who goes by the name of “Jane" and “Jean”. She recently “resigned” along with fifteen other employees, including foreigners. Reasons for the mass resignation are cited as “personal” but China Scam Patrol reports that the resignations follow the arrest of a Chinese employee "Tommy" for visa fraud by the Chinese PSB and he is seen in the below photo. ***** was convicted and served a 9 month prison sentence. Gi2c claims that ***** is “not really an employee, but helps us a visa consultant” but former employees say otherwise and confirm that ***** came and worked in the same office almost every day and “ran errands for the owner a lot” . All these people who left the company sill have their photos on the Gi2c website here to give people comfort that foreigners work there not just Chinese who are prone to cheat in online marketing/recruiting programs. http://www.gi2c.org/our-team.html
    • Terms & Conditions: The company has changed it’s “terms and conditions” three times in the last year in order to avoid claims made by a former Chinese employee who filed claims with the Chinese Labor Board. That case was finally settled - in favor of the employee who was cheated of 6,000
    • Facebook Censorship: If you monitor the Facebook page of Gi2c you will see that most all complaints are deleted within 24 hours of being posted including one from intern “James” who complained the housing he was provided had black mold in the bathroom/shower and the mattress gave him lice. Others complained how they were baited and switched – promised one internship before they paid but then given another after they arrived in China.
    • The “Refundable Deposit” that isn’t: A big problem is the sneaky way they steal deposits from people that are supposed to be “100 Refundable” but all their fine print exceptions give them excuses to avoid giving refunds, unless someone is actually in Beijing and brings the police to the office like two former employees admitted to me. They get the $300 deposits by promising you that you can get this great internship “with a big brand international company” but you must reserve it or someone else will surely grab it.” People think they will only have to pay the $300 for this program so it looks like a great deal.
    • The Big Surprise: After the deposit is paid the intern finally learns that they must pay a placement fee of $3,700, their round trip air fare of $2,000, $1,500 two months of apartment rent and security deposit, and $2,000 for daily meals and subway costs – a total of about $8,000! At this point most people want their deposits back, but “regretfully” they are told to “read the fine print”.
    • Fake Testimonials: The company has been caught using shill testimonials and almost all the online reviews you see for them (gushing with praise) are paid for or self-created on their own websites, blog, or wordpress accounts. How difficult it is it to create an email identity and go post great reviews about your own company as a fictional customer.
    • Gi2c sales people brag that they are "partners" with over 50 top universities yet the ones they named in their brochure disavow any knowledge of the company. Likewise they claim they "work hand in hand" with the HR Directors of over 120 Fortune 500 companies sin China yet they cannot even list 10 companies they supposedly work with!
    • Aliases: The company was originally called “GetIn2China.com” and in fact, the old web site is now forwarded to Gi2c (getin2china.com). That old company had been well-known in China as the place where “black visas” were sold to Russian prostitutes and people involved in various gray and black market activities. When police raided a Luxury Goods company that sponsored a Gi2c intern (the company was selling fake designer handbags, sunglasses, etc) and the arrests were announced on CCTV and local newspapers, Getin2China.com suddenly closed their offices at Dongzhimen location and reopened at the Galaxy Soho building (pictured below) and changed their name to “Gi2c”. Coincidence? I think not.
    • Gi2C Employees: if you look at the Gi2c web site today at the “Our Team” link you will see a lot of foreign faces posted there yet all but one resigned and no longer work there for months yet the company wants you to believe that they are still there to create a false sense of comfort that you are dealing with foreigners. They even use the videos of these former employees who never gave their permission (according to one that I spoke to personally) The black guy Kris is still there but the others are gone. Just more deception. http://www.gi2c.org/our-team.html
    • About the internship itself. The big international internships advertised on the web site are fabrications used as bait, including the “Wall Street Company”, “Big 8 Accounting Firm”, “Famous Japanese Electronics Company, etc.” If you check every month you will see that 80% of these internship never change! After they have your deposit in their hands you will see that the companies that actually want you are most no-name Chinese companies or small international start-ups. Too late they have your deposit – and you are not getting it back. When you get to China you will find yourself living in a single room of a shared apartment with 2-3 other interns, although the sales rep promised you your own apartment. At the internship you will usually find yourself making things like copies, coffee, deliveries, sales calls, etc. If you are one of the lucky ones you may end up in a shopping mall passing out advertisements for the company. One intern with a BBA from a top notch university was even asked to where a cartoon costume for a promotion. At thebeijinger, a user named “Queen of Hearts” asked Gi2C to identify their “Wall Street Companies” and to publish the addresses of their “overseas offices” and a copy of the contract. The reply given by Yuri was pretty honest – he admitted Tommy's arrest and other problems but he did not lists the companies or the contract. He also admits that 25% of his customers are dissatisfied but on the website it claims a “94% satisfaction rate”
    • The company was caught using a boileroom in Pakistan in 2013 where telesales people called UK uni students claiming to be calling from Gi2c's "London Office" which realscam.com exposed as a big fraud.
    • Job Conversion Rate: If you corner the Gi2c management they will finally admit that less than 5% of their interns are offered a job, and because the offered pay is so low, most of those offers are rejected. But their sales reps and advertisements say “almost a third of our interns receive job offers”.
    • Visa and legal problems Gi2c never mentions: Intern applicants at Gi2c are told to lie to the visa officers about why they are coming to China or they would not get a visa. They are told to ask for a “M” visa which is reserved for “Cultural Exchange Delegations” like museum curators, actors, musicians, artists, etc. Gi2c also promotes and sells a 6 month program to Arabs, Pakistanis, Indians, and Africans who just want entry into China and cannot get anything more than a 30 day tourist visa on their own. China law specifically states that no international internship can exceed “90 consecutive days” but that doesn’t stop Gi2C from breaking the law and putting the intern at risk of arrest and imprisonment followed by deportation. Customers are actually instructed to break the law and lie on their visa applications. Read this from top to bottom:
    • The Chinese government outlawed foreign interns in 2013! Here is the link that shows Gi2C is actually selling something that is not even legal today in China!
    • What Others Say:





    The above are all the things that Gi2C sales reps will never tell you. So if you want to take your chances and do business with them, be my guest. But don’t say you were not warned. If you Google Gi2C with the words: “Gi2c, complaints, China, scam, problems” you will see they have had issues for a looong time and that they have hired hackers to delete over 30 negative posts about them over the last two years.

    Gi2c is not the only company playing all these unethical games. There are 7 more that I found on line and some of them even buy big advertising contracts with famous newspapers to have “advertorials” disguised as news articles written about them. They all join the various Chamber of Commerce, and British Council (If you are willing to pay the annual fee you are a member!). This help lends false credibility to their operations.

    Please google "Gi2C, Scam" and read all the horror stories for yourself friends.

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    Thank you - each year lots of people get conned by this sort of 'company'.

    (Original post by Galaxian)
    I've been working with GI2C for 2 years now and I feel alot of this advice is misguided.
    I did an internship for 2 months last summer and am set to do one next month too.
    I didn't pay any of the fees so GI2C are willing to help you out if you work for them.
    BTW I am a student at a UK uni and have one and a half years left till I graduate. After which I will probably not speak to GI2C again so I don't have much reason to lie/mislead you guys

    I'll debunk the comments one by one:

    Fake overseas locations:
    This is untrue for London atleast; I have spoken to one person in the London office and highly doubt he is the only one there. Chinese companies do this alot; they tend to set up offices overseas (usually in the US) this is to protect there assest (amoungst other things). If you intern with GI2C you will have very little (if any) contact with overseas offices

    Empolyers resignation
    I don't really know too much about this but GI2C has only been around for 9 years. There are a lot of foreign employees and there may be a some resignations as the reason GI2C is attractive is that a lot of the pay is for commissions (and they don't get that many interns). The '*****' individual; I could not find any info on him, I found your post in another forum but no info on him at all, please provide a source. An explanation of visas in China is to come. The large amounts of employees leaving is suspicious but it is circumstantial evidence.

    The T&C's:
    I don't know of any major changes to the T&C's. I know the resigstration fee is increased and some costs but the website was updated immediatley to show these updates after they were changes. What changes were these? How do they negatively affect the intern? Also the T&C you sign are the ones that are enforced. What Chinese employee is this and what labour board? The link does not give much info on this

    Fake censorship:
    This one I will partially agree with. GI2C don't (like most young companies) don't like bad press. They prefer you voice your concers to them direclty so they can find a solution instead of posting them on the FB page. However I have seen about 4 complaints over 2 years.

    The refundable deposit:
    This is advertised as a 'registraion fee'. Over the 2 years I have worked with them it has ALWAYS said that this is refundable IF GI2C fail to find you an internship. It says that in the application process, prices page, T&C and the rep will explain this too. It mentions it is '100% refundable' if they don't find an internship. You have taken a quote out of context here.

    The Big Surpries:
    You are told in the inital talk that the program is fee based. This is also on the website (under prices and dates) AND when you fill in an application at the bottom it requires you to tick a box which confirms you are aware it is fee based. It is expensive and there are 2 packages.
    In one package accomodation is provided for 28 days (this is explained in the website if under the 'whats included' and is in Shaungjing in Beijing (very wealthy area). The accomodation is not sub par at all!
    The other package is the bare bones and provides the internship only and on site support.
    Visa and airline fees are covered by the intern; GI2C do not provide these at all. The people who are not aware they need to pay at least $1,600 have not done thier research. It will cost about £3000 for flights, visas, accomodation and placment fees (at the max) for one month. You do not pay $2000 for food and accomodation at all. GI2C do not provide a 'food service' and accomodation is covered in the program fees.

    The internship itself:
    I'm not going to say too much except that you don't do menial tasks. They provide a load of internships and you choose one; your anecdotal stories are not hard evidence. You can't break expect to be an expert in your field when you have spent one month in an office that you don't speak the language; you are not going to be doing anything groundbreaking. On my internship I mostly gave presentations to foriegn companies and wrote reports about these companies. I also did a lot of report reading and picked out the info needed for my presetations. In my second month I spent a week training the new interns. Nothing too difficult but it was a good experience.

    Job conversion rate:
    This does not affect too many interns but tbh it is next to impossible to get a well paying job in China without speaking Chinese. One intern (who could speak Chinese) got a job in my cohert at an Investment Bank. The 25% conversion rate is not on there website. The figure is small as most people don't want a job in China, they just want the experience. So a more suggestive figure would be the number of jobs offered per the number of job offers requested (2 interns in my company were offered jobs) another was offered a job in Seattle (in a different company)

    The testimonial:
    This is just not correct. There are no fake testimonials at all! No one is offered $500 for a video testimonial, I have 3 friends who were not paid and did this... please provided evidence for these assertions as I really have seen/heard nothing about this in 2 years.

    Unanswered mysteries:
    This is fishy, I have never heard of these employees and I can understand the link is not promising. However the link which shows 'Our team' from GI2C is not extensive, the finance team are not on there at all.

    Getin2China was the old company name, they rebranded as GI2C. I don't know why but companies do this all the time. What fake goods company is this? Also GI2C have over 100 companies, if one of them happens to be illegal it's just bad press and bad luck. They have a process for recruiting companies and if one has illegal operations it does not make GI2C illegal. Also were is the evidence for this raid? Also Dongzhimen is not as nice as Galaxy Soho, they moved to a posher, more expensive office... nothing wrong with that!

    GI2C employees:
    Paul and Kris are still there (to my knowledge). They do have foriegn workers (the CEO is forigen). Also Ulla and Tanya also work in Shanghai. I know of 5 foriegners at lease (it is an SME btw) and I don't even work in the offices.

    The genuine internships are free:
    Yes but if you can't speak Chinese how can you intern in China? GI2C pick out the ones with a few forigen employees (your supervisors) and offer those internships to you. If you can get an internship in China without the service then fair enough, but most people can't.

    Visa problems:
    In China most English teachers have a (technically) illegal visa. Facebook, Google etc. are illegal in China. However every westener and Chinese business use VPN to get around it. Street food is illegal in China but at 1pm in the afternoon a vendor is like 5 mins from your apartment. The authorites don't really enforce these rules. Same situation with the visas, technically they are illegal but no one cares because the rules are not enforced. English teachers go to Seoul every 6 months to renew thier visas (ever teachers who have been working there 5-10 years). The company pays for the trip because the authorirtes don't really care. CRCC and GI2C have placed 1000's of interns and I have never heard of an intern being departed because they had an incorrect visa. The 'M' visa is for business activities (confrences, training courses etc.).

    Basically GI2C are a little dodgy. But basically you are told it will cost you (flights, program fees, visas, accomodation) at least £2500 for a month in China. It will go up by about £800 for every other month (accomodation and food). It is expensive but you are told this from the start.

    I personally wouldn't pay (which is why I have not) but they are not a scam. Just a very easy and expensive way to get an internship.
    I learnt a lot about Chinese culture and business and there ae still a lot of bribes, corruption etc. in business. This is just how Chinese businesses operate!

    "Basically GI2C are a little dodgy."

    Which is why you should not even think for one minute that any 'work experience' they offer has any value in terms of getting a job with any sensible British company.

    (Original post by sydneybridge)
    "Basically GI2C are a little dodgy."

    Which is why you should not even think for one minute that any 'work experience' they offer has any value in terms of getting a job with any sensible British company.
    Not neccesarily, the visa issues may be a little dodgy in theory (just like downloading illegal music) but in practice it's not really an issue. The visa issue is the only really 'dodgy' aspect which makes it 'a little dodgy' but in practice it is not that bad. Also the value you get is down to you; a learnt a lot about Chinese business and how industries develop in China which has helped me secure a Big 4 penulitamte year internship. A lot of interns go there and don't integrate in Chinese culture/business, have a bad internship experience and blame GI2C.

    Also a lot of businesses in China are 'dodgy' (A LOT give bribes) but in China it is the norm. This doesn't make it right but I can garuntee if you moved to China and worked for a company, there is a high chance they dished out a bribe. Officials are cracking down on this but in Beijing it is still a problem...

    Which is why it wont look credible on your CV and therefore why you shouldn't do it.

    (Original post by sydneybridge)
    Which is why it wont look credible on your CV and therefore why you shouldn't do it.
    You'll learn a lot about China and Chinese business, also you'll learn about your industry and how it has developed in China... How is this not credible?
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    Today I received this update that makes me wonder if we can truly trust any educational program or job opportunity that comes out of China or has legal jurisdiction in China. From what I have been reading its impossible to get any legal protections in China from frauds if the victims are foreigners. Swindling expats and foreign visitors seems to be the national hobby. Read this and see what I mean. Correct me if you think I am over-reacting or too pessimistic.


    How many uni grads do you know that can afford to lose $5,000 - $8,000, especially if they have a student loan to repay?

    (Original post by Galaxian)
    Today I received this update that makes me wonder if we can truly trust any educational program or job opportunity that comes out of China or has legal jurisdiction in China. From what I have been reading its impossible to get any legal protections in China from frauds if the victims are foreigners. Swindling expats and foreign visitors seems to be the national hobby. Read this and see what I mean. Correct me if you think I am over-reacting or too pessimistic.


    How many uni grads do you know that can afford to lose $5,000 - $8,000, especially if they have a student loan to repay?
    You are right G. I just came across this today http://eslwatch.info/forum/china/117-fraud-warning-gi2c-and-other-china-job-internship-scams-beware-people.html but after I learned we can get real Fortune 500 company internships for free by ourselves, I will never pay a nickel to any company to get me an internship. See here at http://freechinainternships.blogspot.co .uk

    I can't say the company is a complete scam, but I can say that we should not trust their testimonials or reviews, I say this because I just finished reading this here: http://scam-detector.com/forums/foru...?p=775#post775

    And then I googled "Winnie Maliko internship" and read how she, a dissatisfied gi2c customer was not allowed to update her review at gooverseas.com and complete comments of her's were deleted (censored) from the company's blog site and other customers had their criticism deleted from Facebook within an hour of posting them. So if the company is not a scam, then they are at the very least, very unethical.

    I live in China now and my neighbor works for an " online review" company and her job is to sign up companies in China who pay a monthly subscription rate of $500 (she gets a 20% commission) and when the customers submit reviews the best ones go on page one and the really nasty and negative ones go on page 5 or 10 where most people never go. She told me that if the clients have only a couple good reviews, the review company will charge them $1,000 to create one, $1,500 for two, or $2,000 for three. They even have a team that writes positive articles in English and Chinese about the company to make them look good and then will link them with Google adwords so when a google search is done, only the positive stuff pops up. They do all the hotels and hostels in China but I am sure there is a similar company that does China internships, China Schools etc. So when you google a company expect to find the truth hidden on pages 5-20 and ignore all the pop-up since those are paid ads. If you dig down to page 15 you will even find obscure but helpful stuff like this http://gi2ccomplaints.blogspot.com/ My neighbor makes over $5,000 a month and she says she is one of five sales reps one one team of three and they only do one Province, so you can see just how much time and money companies pay to hide their pimples. Have you already forgotten the Yelp! scandal?

    Nothing in China is ever what it appears to be. http://scam-detector.com/forums/foru...r-u-k-employee

    If China made internhsips illegal in 2013, then none of this really matters right? See here... http://www.balglobal.com/News/NewsDe...-Students.aspx

    and this: http://antifraudintl.org/threads/bew...2/#post-265311

    The days of China internships are over unless you are willing to lie on your visa application and risk going to jail?

    (Original post by sydneybridge)
    "Basically GI2C are a little dodgy."

    Which is why you should not even think for one minute that any 'work experience' they offer has any value in terms of getting a job with any sensible British company.

    A "little" dodgy? Read this and revisit your definition of "little",

    http://eslwatch.info/forum/china/167...stigation.html and


    (Original post by ClassicJuice)
    For anyone else keen to look beyond China, here's a useful facebook group for internship opportunities in Southeast Asia
    Just be aware that companies offering Internships where you have to PAY to do them are not doing because they want to aid your University/career chances. They are doing it to MAKE MONEY out of you. It really is that simple.

    SydneyBridge is correct. Any company or agent that requires you to pay money is probably just a money grab. Here are red flags to watch for relating to internships in ANY country: http://eslwatch.info/forum/china/138...fake-jobs.html

    Two more items I just found on Gi2c also known as Getin2China:

    http://www.scam.com/entry.php?1-Bewa...Sly-amp-Sneaky! and also

    Thanks for this inside information.J.J. I think most people don't know about this. I sure didn't and it's disgusting that a "deception industry" even exists. But I guess lobbyists do the same thing if you think about it.

    I found this poem online and wanted to share the humor of a victim which gives a warning for all as well. The source is http://gi2ccomplaints.blogspot.com/. Enjoy;

    My China Internship Nightmare

    I wanted to find work in China,
    So I went surfing on the internet you see.
    In hopes of finding a new job and life,
    When I saw the ads from Gi2c.

    Call now for free details,
    The ad beckoned to me.
    What the hell I thought,
    The call and info are both free!

    So I clicked on the chat line,
    And a friendly girl Mary attended to me.
    “You’re so lucky” she insisted,
    That I stumbled across Gi2C!

    She told great stories of others
    Who found back door jobs you see
    That are only available in China
    With companies connected with Gi2c.

    But to get my foot in their door,
    I’d have to prove myself first as an intern.
    And if I didn’t hurry, I ‘d have to stand in line,
    To wait months for my turn.

    As luck would have it she said,
    A huge MNC had only one vacancy.
    She urged me to rush her “right now”,
    My current photo and CV.

    I was so darn excited,
    I did exactly as she said,
    Then I tossed and turned-trying to sleep,
    As I thought of my great future in China ahead.

    Wow, to be working so soon in China…
    With a huge international MNC…
    This would surely be, the very best thing,
    That ever happened to me!!!

    She called me again to talk some more,
    As she read to me a great job description.
    It sounds like my dream job for sure,
    I didn’t know it would be science fiction.

    So I paid my $300 deposit – no problem,
    For me it sounded like a very good deal.
    Besides she said the deposit was “refundable”
    Not one they would ever steal.

    Then the truth started to drip out,
    When I learned the total cost…
    $3,400 more they wanted me to pay,
    My temper I completely lost!

    Then I learned that another $1,500
    I would have to pay for my air fare.
    And $1,000 more for 90 days of meals,
    Not to mention $500 for daily subway fare.

    My own apartment would cost another $1,500
    But she said not to worry one bit,
    Because I would be earning $60,000 a year,
    With the new China job I would get!

    She sent me great links of video testimonials,
    Of a dozen happy clients of Gi2c from the past.
    How the hell was I supposed to know…
    These great actors were very well cast?

    One even called me on the telephone,
    Who told me he now worked with the BBC
    For $5,000 dollars a month and only because,
    Of the great internship he got from Gi2c.

    I took the bait - hook, line and sinker,
    I sent in my $3,400 with such great hopes.
    But when I arrived in Beijing, I soon met
    More than a dozen other angry dopes.

    Within two weeks we were all mad as hell,
    Only three in our group got what was promised.
    The rest of us were just baited and switched,
    Frankly I have never been so thoroughly pissed!

    A refund I demanded, on a daily basis,
    But they just made excuses for me.
    The even suggested that I “misunderstood”
    Mary’s many promises to me.

    The company where they sent me,
    Was surely no international MNC,
    But a Chinese finance company
    That just used and exploited me.

    “Marketing Specialist” was my job they said,
    But spamming emails in English was my true role.
    I was also asked to make copies, coffee, and deliveries.
    With each day my anger was growing and taking its toll.

    After three weeks I said “Enough is Enough”
    I didn’t get an expensive Master degree for this!
    I demanded a refund and told Gi2C
    My big fat ass they could kiss!

    If I didn’t get one I would call in the cops.
    And show them this scam operation.
    That’s when the Russian boss finally said,
    Please calm down, and you’ll get my cooperation.

    Without making a scene at their office,
    I would have been screwed over for sure.
    I finally got my refund , but only because
    I threatened to make a big public stir.

    Maybe 30% of their interns are happy,
    But the other 70% surely are not.
    What we were all promised on the phone,
    Was not even close to what we got.

    So be warned my fellow uni graduates,
    Smoke and mirrors is what you’ll get at Gi2c
    They sell you a dream of a really great job,
    So please learn this costly lesson from me…

    Get a real China internship by going direct,
    To the HR department of a big International company,
    Explain what you want in your email letter and resume,
    And you will get a real internship – absolutely FREE!

    The HR officer will be truly sincere and honest,
    And hide nothing about the internship from you.
    They’ll even say if a real job will be waiting,
    If you do a good job, when the internship is through.

    I now wish you the best in your job hunt,
    As I bid all of you farewell.
    I truly regret my call to Gi2c,
    My first step in a journey through hell.

    A Former GetIn2China intern
    (My video is not featured on their website - can you guess why?)

    Note to all: Gi2c is just one of many black internships that are legal in China but they could not get away with this crap anywhere else on planet Earth.(Nigeria excepted). Google “China Internship Scams” to learn more about these companies or visit http://chinainternshipreviews.wordpress.com. This is what one of their own former employees dished up on them at another forum...
    http://scam-detector.com/forums/foru...r-u-k-employee. Even though my Gi2C experience is two years old, I vow to warn every university graduate every year as long as they keep spamming their misleading ads on all the ESL and "Work Abroad" web sites. Warn your friends

    LoL! Thanks for a good laugh. This Gi2C company just got caught self-creating their own reviews here http://www.realscam.com/f8/warning-g...html#post87600. And now that the word is apparently spreading about their scheme, they made a feature appearance at scam.com also http://www.scam.com/entry.php?1-Bewa...k-Sly-amp-Snea

    When you read the link look at their bold claim in their company brochure of having "500 top university partners". I thought the "top universities" were limited to 100. I guess Gi2C has more connections than Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan combined - NOT!

    This creative fraudster was just caught buying "testimonials" for $1,000 each. You can read about the details here:
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