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Possible Testicular Cancer? Watch

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    My friend has a lump and the docter told him it could be cancer so he's had tests done

    But if it is cancer, what are the chances of dying with this type of cancer?
    Also, does anyine know how long the tests take?
    And if it is cancer does that mean they just remove the cancer or do they just chop of your testicles? And then like artificially make testicles ? Does it make you infertile?
    Im sorry if these are silly questions but I really dont know anything about this

    What can I do for him?
    He must be pretty worried, but I dont know what to do
    I dont want to just pretend theres not that chance, cos i dont want him to think I dont care
    And I dont want to mention if you wants to just forget about it till he gets the results

    Any advice would help alot
    Thanks x

    I can't really answer all of your questions (google?) but as for his chances of dying it would really depend on what stage of the cancer he has (if he has it!).

    His chances of dieing are dependent on how far/aggressive the cancer is, but it's not even definitely cancer yet.
    My mate had a lump on his testicle so he had tests done. From what i remember him saying a person felt the lump and they took some of his blood. I think he said more but i can't imagine test taking too long.
    If the lump is on one testicle (and it's cancer) they'd just remove the one, providing it hasn't spread. Yes removing both testicles would make you infertile, but removing one wouldn't.
    My mate decided to be really open about it, which was good but i agree it's a difficult topic to talk about.

    2% of men with testicular cancer die from it. So it's a good cancer to have, relatively.

    When spotted early, testicular cancer can be cured successfully by chemotherapy in a rate of over 90%

    The main thing, as a couple of people have said, is that it's very treatable (i believe even in the 2nd and 3rd stages of the disease 5 year survival rates are still 90+%).

    First test is by a doctor (generally a G.P,) feeling the lump and then making a referral to a urologist. 'Diagnosis' is generally by ultrasound (that's how I was diagnosed) but they'll probably do blood tests (they're looking for what they call tumour markers, it becomes a regular thing after the op when they ideally should go down to a healthy level) and an X-ray. The main way they can tell if something actually is cancer is by taking some of the cells and testing them (a biopsy), in this type of cancer that almost always involves the removal of the testicle.

    Generally they don't like to put anything off because it is so treatable in most of it's earlier stages, so everything happens pretty fast after diagnosis (they might not actually confirm it as cancer until after the biopsy though). The op is actually considered relatively minor and the artificial testicle is made of silicone.

    As for fertility, it depends, losing both would definitely cause infertility but that happening is extremely rare. Chemo and radio also has the potential to cause infertility but depending on the stage of the disease it isn't always needed.
    The NHS site is excellent for information on this btw.

    There probably isn't all that much you can do, what I would suggest is just letting your mate know that you're there if he needs to talk about it etc and try to treat him as you normally would.
    It's very difficult to know how people will react when given this kind of news though, especially when you're at this limbo like stage of not knowing either way, and he'll probably be all over the place at the moment, so it's very hard to say how to behave, just play it by ear I would say and try to be very patient and sympathetic.

    Sorry for the wall of text just wanted to try and answer your questions as best I could, you're already doing the best thing imo in trying to learn more about it, it's really commendable, you sound like a very good friend. I hope everything goes well for your mate.
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Updated: February 14, 2009
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