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    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 3As, 5Bs, 3Cs
    AS Grades: C
    A2 Results: CDD
    Previous Degree: 2:1 in Applied Biomedical Science
    UKCAT: 707.5
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week shadowing surgeon, 2 weeks on rehab ward, 2 weeks acute care ward, 1 week GPs, 9 months hospital laboratory
    Extra Curricular: Football, Kayaking, Sports Journalism and Snowsports
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Newcastle 5 Year - Offer, FIRM
    Warwick GEP - Offer, INSURANCE
    Barts GEP - Offer
    Dundee 5 Year - Rejected

    Bit late but oh well...

    Year of Entry:2009
    GCSEs:[Standard Grades]1111111 (english a year early)
    [Intermediate 2] AA
    AS Grades:N/A
    A2 Prediction/Results:[Highers] AAAAA
    Previous Degree (if applicable):N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable):592 or thereabouts
    BMAT (if applicable):N/A
    Work Experience/Volunteering:1 week hospital (ENT/radiology/surgery/labs), Summer volunteering in nursing home, 1 week in pharmacy, 1 year weekly volunteering in charity shop
    Extra Curricular: Tennis, athletics for county club/school, sports&charities committees, school prefect, buddying, helped out in classes disadvantaged/vulnerable pupils and those with learning difficulties, YE, DofE.
    Universities applied to and decisions:Aberdeen: Interview - didn't go (very late due to errors in their system)
    Dundee: Offer; conditional B in Higher human biology
    Edinburgh; Rejected but in top 500
    St. Andrews; Rejected after interview

    Year of Entry:2009
    GCSEs:[Standard Grades]11111112 (The 2 was in art
    Highers] AAAAA
    Previous Degree (if applicable):N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable):547.5
    BMAT (if applicable):N/A
    Work Experience/Volunteering:2 weeks hospital (Cardiology/radiologyy/surgery/labs/renal/ A+E) , Attended confrences at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1 year weekly volunteering in charity shop (British Heart foundation - linked it to the fact that i was interested in heart disease and wanted to help scotland combat this disease)
    Extra Curricular: School Mag, Debating and reading group Silver duke of edinburgh Dux winner club/school, sports&charities committees, school .
    Universities applied to and decisions:Aberdeen: Withdrew but was gonna get rejected cos i hadnt had an interview by April Dundee: Rejected w/o interview said i didnt do enough sports.
    Edinburgh; Rejected, said my grades were not good enough. Though i got 5 A's seriously man
    St. Andrews: Offer Unconditonal (Thank god)

    My advise to any scottish applicants:
    1) Make sure your ps covers everything, include some sporting activities, confrences regarding medicine. Anything you do try to link it with medicine, i think st andys liked my whole thing abt why i volunteered at the BHF.
    2) on my ps i wrote that my parents were doctors and they had inspired me to become doctors. Did this work in my favour or not i dont know but i got an offer, and i was being honest cos in my interview i went on abt how much they were passionate and how i got to see how stressful a career in med is. As long as your reason is honest, you will be fine cos in your interview you will be able to go into depth abt it.
    3) If you get a bad ukcat score, dont give up. Its not all abt ukcat. I came home crying when i got my ukcat score.
    4) i strongly recommend the book, 150 questions getting into medical skool by Oliver Piccard. It is soo good, and helps you with your interviews.
    5) finally, prepare yourselves for a hard year. It was the most stressful year in my life. If you get an unconditonal offer early on then you are of the few lucky ones, while for the others if 1 rejects you, dotn worry and think they all do look i got rejected by 3 and i got into st andys.
    It so weird cos akj08 got rejected by st andys while got into dundee and i got rejected by dundee and got into st andys.

    Good luck
    and if anyone has any questions i am happy to help cos i know how hard a thing it is applying to medical school

    Year of Entry:2008
    GCSEs: 5A*s (double science, english lit/lang, RE) 6As
    AS grades: As in Bio, psych and english lit, B in chem (but I rejected it so it appeared as pending)
    A levels: As in Bio and psych, B in chem
    UKCAT (if applicable): 665
    BMAT (if applicable):N/A
    Work Experience/Volunteering: Two years volunteering at Rainbows, two years taking disabled children out, three years shadowing a consultant for an afternoon each month, two weeks in a gp surgery, two conferences at RSM
    Extra Curricular: Duke of Edinburgh, Guiding/Rangers/Rainbows, charity rep, prefect, job at after school club
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Manchester - Interviewed and offer
    Sheffield - Interviewed and offer
    Glasgow - Interviewed but I withdrew before decision because I already had the offer I wanted
    Leeds - Invited to interview but withdrew before interview as I already had the offer I wanted and it had only been a last minute choice anyway

    This is a reminder to everyone who's applying for medical school this year: please do not post your profile until you have received decisions from all of the places you apply to as they can then be linked to the successful/unsuccessful links for each medical school.

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 9A* English, History, Maths, Double Science, Spanish, French, Music, RE -- 2A English Lit, PE
    AS Grades: 5A Biology, Chemistry, Maths Stats, Spanish, Psychology + A in general studies
    A2 Prediction: 4A Biology, Chemistry, Maths Stats, Spanish
    UKCAT: 690
    Work Experience/Volunteering/Extra Curricular: (here's just everything I mentioned in my PS - getting gradually more relevant :P )
    Waitressing for 18 months
    Reading Prefect
    Week's work experience at the Vet's
    Grade 7 Cello and orchestra
    Year of buddies scheme at nearby school for kids with autism - spending time with my buddy who has autism
    3 days work experience at a hospital
    Volunteer for a year at a children's respite care home: feeding/ playing/ taking to toilet
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Brighton and Sussex: Interview quite early on / rejection in January
    Southampton: Rejection in February / placed on reserve list
    Bristol: Straight out rejection in March
    Birmingham: Offer in March (major amounts of phewing)

    Year of Entry: 2009

    Deferred?: No, but gap year due to interviewfail for 2008 entry!

    GCSEs: 6A* 6A 1B

    AS Grades: aaaaa (Biology, Chemistry, Maths, French and predicted Further Maths).

    A2 Prediction/Results: AAB (Maths, Biology and Chemistry)

    UKCAT (if applicable): 745 (or 773 if you take AR out).

    Work Experience/Volunteering: Worked as HCA for 11 months at a Nursing Home, 3 week trip to HIV/AIDS orphanage in Johannesburg - working with kids, painting, building a path, 1 week in local hospital shadowing nurses etc, 3 days shadowing a GP.

    Extra Curricular: Worked for 3 years as a personnel clerk at Morrisons, swimming, clarinet & piano - orchestra etc, singing, involved in helping at a youth club.

    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Manchester: Unconditional after Interview (late-Jan) Firm
    HYMS: Unconditional after Interview (mid-Dec) Declined
    Leeds: Rejected after Interview (March)
    Southampton: Rejection (Feb)

    Year of Entry: 2008

    Deferred?: Nopes

    GCSEs: 6A* 4A 1B (did an extra GCSE at college and got an A* though)

    AS Grades: aaaaa (chem, bio, maths, french, gen studies)

    A2 Results: AAAA (chem, bio, maths, gen studies)

    UKCAT (if applicable): 682.5 but they discounted some sections

    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week with vascular surgeon. 1 week with GP, 1 week in clinical chemistry, regular volunteering at centre for young adults with learning disabilites.

    Extra Curricular: Horse-riding, part time job, which i'd had for 4 years, form representative.. errrm that's it!

    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Newcastle: Interview end of december, offer AAA at end of march
    Manchester: Interview end of december, offer AAB in mid-jan
    Sheffield: Interview end of december then rejected in early jan (knew i'd effed it up!)
    Edinburgh: Rejected ( i asked why and they said not enough extra curricular lol)

    I'm currently a second year at manchester.. chose it ahead of newcastle for multiple reasons and i'm absolutely loving it!

    My advice: prepare for interviews massively.. become obsessed with your ps.. make sure you have covered everything.. i didn't have the best grades or do the most sports but i still managed to get 2 offers so just try and try and try!

    Year of Entry:2009
    GCSEs: 6A*s (Chemistry, Physics, French, Maths, History, Geography), 6A's (English Lit, English Lang, Biology, Latin, DT, RE)
    A levels: Biology A, Chemistry A, Maths A, French A (AS)
    UKCAT (if applicable): 657.5
    BMAT (if applicable):6.7, 5.3, 10.5
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 day at GP surgery, 4 days in A&E Dept., 2 weeks General Surgery, 1 week Cardiology (I did lots, but got lots out of it as well). 1 year of Voluntary work on a Patient Feeding scheme on a respiratory medicine ward. 1 week of voluntary work in Belgium working as a Porter (part of French AS course)
    Extra Curricular: Rowing (Captain of Boats), Prefect, DofE (Prefect), Clarinet
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    UCL A100: Interview in December, Offer AAB
    KCL A100: Interview in April, Offer AAA
    Manchester A106: Interview in February, Offer AAB
    Bristol A100: Interview in April, Withdrew
    Warwick B900: Offer in November BBB

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    AS Grades: AAAB
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAA/AAAB
    Previous Degree (if applicable): -
    UKCAT (if applicable): 630 average
    BMAT (if applicable): -
    Work Experience/Volunteering: Volunteered in a hospital, work experience in a hospital, shadowed a GP and a consultant psychiatrist.
    Extra Curricular: Nothing. Well, one year's full time work at ASDA and one year part-time work at Diggerland.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Manchester - Offer,
    Leicester - Offer,
    Newcastle - Interview + rejection
    Leeds - Rejection

    Year of Entry: 2007
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 6A* 4A
    AS Grades: AAAAA ~95% (bio, chem, maths, phys, computing)
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAAA ~95% (dropped computing)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable): N/A
    BMAT (if applicable): 21.2
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 3 months volunteering on ward, 4 months job in bookshop, first aid with St John Ambulance, prefect and year 7 mentor at school
    Extra Curricular: Played football for school and college teams, fenced at school, play violin and guitar
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cambridge (St John's) - Interviewed, pooled, rejected
    UCL - Offer AAB
    Imperial - Rejected w/o interview
    Bristol - Rejected w/o interview

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 9A*, 2A
    AS Grades: AAAAAAA (bio, chem, maths, physics, french, CT, GS)
    A2 Results: AAAA (bio, chem, maths, physics) and BB (CT, GS)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable): 620 (verbal), 830 (quantitive), 710 (abstract), 790 (decision analysis)
    BMAT (if applicable): 6.4, 6.7, 7.5
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week GP surgery, 2 weeks hospice, 1 week hospital overseas, 2 weeks UK hospital
    Extra Curricular: play cricket for school and club, play hockey for school, play violin in school orchestras, LAMDA gold medal in verse and prose, school prefect, coach cricket at club
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Oxford (Corpus Christi) - interviewed, rejected
    Imperial - interviewed, offer: AAAC
    UCL - interviewed, rejected
    Leeds - rejected without interview

    Year of Entry: 2006
    Deferred?: Deferred to 2007 after receiving offer
    Highers: AAAAA (Maths, English, Hum Bio, Chemistry, Physics)
    Advanced Highers Prediction/Results: Pred AAA, Got AAA
    Previous Degree (if applicable): n/a
    UKCAT (if applicable): n/a
    BMAT (if applicable): n/a
    Work Experience/Volunteering: Not a lot really lol: worked 1 day a week in a nursing home and had a 1 week hospital placement and 1 week hospice placement
    Extra Curricular: er, prefect? I think that's about it
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Glasgow: Interview + offer (BCC in Advanced Highers)
    Edinburgh: Rejected w/o interview
    Dundee: Rejected w/o interview
    Aberdeen: Rejected w/o interview

    Just as well my first choice decided to give me a chance really!

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 8A*, 3A, 1B
    AS Grades: AAAAC (bio, chem, maths, physics, CT)
    A2 Results: AAAA (bio, chem, maths, physics)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable):N/A
    BMAT (if applicable): 6.4, 6.7, 6.5 (section three was dire)
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week Hospital rotations: orthopedics, diabeties clinic, a+e, radiology, cardiology, 8 months at hospice on the wards.
    Extra Curricular:Play trumpet and tenor horn to grade 6/7, played in brass band for 10 years, play squash, national public speaking championships, horse riding.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cambridge (Trinity) - interviewed, rejected
    Imperial - rejected w/o interview
    UCL - interviewed, offer:AAB
    Bristol -rejected w/o interview

    Year of Entry: 2009
    GCSEs: 4A*, 4A, B, C, D (r.e and french arnt real subjects... lol )
    AS Grades:AAAA
    A2 Prediction/Results:AAA
    Previous Degree (if applicable):N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable):640 average
    BMAT (if applicable):N/A
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1week in a hospital and 1 week in research
    Extra Curricular: golf, rugby, various key skils,
    Universities applied to and decisions:

    Cardiff - rejection w/o interview
    Gasgow- rejection after interview
    St georges - rejection after interview
    queens belfast - offer AAAa without interview ( clearing, magic or what)

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: %A*, 7A
    AS Grades: ABBC (History, English, Biology, Chemistry)
    Predicted/A2 Results: AAAA/AAAB (History 527, English 567, Biology 503, Chemistry 434)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable): 665 Avg
    BMAT (if applicable): Not amazing lol
    Work Experience/Volunteering: Shadowing on Ophthalmology, Orthopaedic, Urology, Surgery, X-ray wards in different hospitals. Also 2 weeks in residential home for disabled.
    Extra Curricular: Captained school Tennis, Football, Hockey teams. Played for clubs outside school. Qualified Assistant tennis coach. 5A side at weekends. Gym on the regular. Play violin, piano and guitar (poorly). Fundraising for salvation army.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Imperial - rejected before interview
    King's College London - interview, AAAC (any order) FIRM
    Barts - interview, AAAC (Bio A, Chem A)
    Leeds - interview, AAB (including Bio, Chem) INSURANCE
    Southampton - Offer for Law without interview AAA

    1. Didn't put enough effort in at AS and got the grades I deserved. At A2 I grew up and pulled my finger out, took 16 exams in this summer and got 100% in 5 of them.
    2. Rejected from Imperial on BMAT alone (apparently).
    3. Being head boy helped massively with my application.

    Year of Entry: 2009
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 5 A*s, 4 As and 1 B
    AS Grades: ABBC in Biology, Maths, Physics and Chemistry
    A2 Prediction/Results: Predicted: AAA - Results: AAB Respectively in Biology, Chemistry and Physics
    UKCAT (if applicable): Average: 750
    BMAT (if applicable): N/A
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 1 week Chanctunbury Playscheme for Disabled Children, 60 Hours Volunteering in a Hospital, 150 Hours Volunteering at a Leonard Cheshire Young Adult Disability House, 10 Hours Volunteering at an old age home, Head Girl and Worthing Girls Golf Captain. Medlink and Medsim.
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Manchester with interview (Offer AAB)
    Sheffield with interview (Offer AAB)
    Cardiff rejected without interview
    Peninsula rejected without interview
    Non medical offer for Biomedical Sciences:
    Southampton without interview (Offer BBB)

    Year of Entry: 2007
    Deferred?: No
    GCSEs: 12A* 1A
    AS Grades: AAAAAB (biology, chemistry, maths, further maths, french, critical thinking)
    A2 Prediction/Results: AAAAB (biology, chemistry, maths, french, further maths)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): N/A
    UKCAT (if applicable): N/A
    BMAT (if applicable): 18.4
    Work Experience/Volunteering: 2 weeks at GPs, 1 week in hospital wards, 1 week at school for children with special needs, 1 week at care home, 4 week genetics research project, volunteer work with adults with disabilities
    Extra Curricular: Young Enterprise, piano, singing, debating, public speaking, youth council, doctor/patient council, tutor, prefect
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    UCL - AAB
    Birmingham - AAB
    Bristol - interview - waiting list
    Cambridge (Robinson) - interview - rejection

    Biomedical Science at Imperial and Bath - offers

    Year of Entry: 2007
    Deferred?: no
    GCSEs: 7A*s, 3A's (Bio, Chem, Physics, Maths, Eng Lang, French, German, Textiles, Music, English Lit)
    AS Grades:AAAA (Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
    A2 Results: AAA(Maths, Biology, Chemistry)
    Previous Degree (if applicable): nope
    UKCAT (if applicable): 620 - at least it was the first year it was used so didn't really count!
    BMAT (if applicable): n/a
    Work Experience/Volunteering:1 week nursing, 1 week radiology, 1.5 yrs volunteering on ward (+Medlink, medsim, don't think they really count though), helping elderly lady with cleaning etc
    Extra Curricular: Music - cello and harp in orchestras/radio etc,first aid certificate, helping younger kids at school with work, student librarian,
    Universities applied to and decisions:
    Cardiff: AAB (don't know how - interview was terrible!)
    Leicester: rejected after interview
    Peninsula: rejected after interview (only just according to them - put on waiting list)
    Sheffield: rejected after interview (waiting list place)

    Year of Entry:



    1A* 7As 2Bs 2Cs

    AS Grades:
    AABCD (Biology, Critical Thinking, English Language, Chemistry, Physics)

    A2 Predictions:

    ABB (Biology, Chemistry, English Language)

    2009 UKCAT Score:

    Average 587.5. Don't remember the individual scores :s

    2009 Offers:

    KCL: Rejected without interview
    Barts: Rejected without interview (UKCAT)
    SGUL: Rejected without interview (predicted grades)
    Peninsula: Rejected without interview (UKCAT)
    KCL (biomedicine): Offer without interview, AAB, declined in favour of gap year.

    A2 Results: AAB (Biology, Chemistry, English Language)

    UKCAT 2010(if applicable):

    QR: 610
    VR: 800
    AR: 770
    DA: 720

    Average 725, total, 2900

    Work Experience/Volunteering:
    2 weeks Cardiology department
    1 week doctor surgery
    Regular voluntary work on wards at local hospital
    Also briefly viewed a hospital in Ghana

    Extra Curricular:

    Read novels to relax, avid martial artist, voluntary mma instructor, part time job tutoring english to little kids.
    Other sports include running, cycling and climbing. Also involved in the youth centre at my local mosque.
    Teamed up with a couple of other volunteers and started T.E.A.CH - Tim to Educate Africa's Children, a charity focusing on building schools and providing both african adults and children with a good education.
    It's still in it's early days though, not properly up and running yet.
    Qualified First Aider, have used basic skills in martial arts when injuries have occured.
    Oh also, student librarian for a few months. Quit when i realised how depressing it was :s
    Spent two weeks in ghana over the summer as previously mentioned, teaching kids at a local school, we had to come up with our own lessons and everything, had no supervision etc, so was quite an experience. Also worked with orphans out there. Hoping to go back soon, and then travel to some other projects, india, possibly kenya, and maybe thailand too. But i needs me some moneys first.

    Universities applied to 2010:
    KCL (Human Sciences)

    Fingers crossed i've got it right this time!
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