How TV ruined your life - Love

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    Has anyone been following this series? This episode in particular has to be the most intelligent, deepest, wittiest and funniest reflection on love that I have ever read heard or watched.

    Dear oh dear, I think I'm in love with Brooker.

    i have been following it, as has my best friend, but i generally watch it on wednesay afternoons when lectures end early... looking forward to it even more now though xD

    He's very funny, but I think people have a tendency to mistake his comedic cynicism for realism and truthful insight. Not that he doesn't say things which are indeed, truthful insights - but it gets a bit tedious when people put him on a pedestal for saying the most banal and painstakingly obvious things imaginable. He's very funny but people need to calm it.

    Anyone agree with me?

    much as i love the guy, i think he does seem a little repetetive if you follow everything he's ever done, too...
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Updated: February 16, 2011
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