Advice on Biomedical Sciences! Please help!

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    Hi all!

    I am currently studying Biomedical Sciences 1st year and am feeling really low! I have heard from many people about very little job prospects for Biomedical Science graduates. Some people on my course are even saying that their friends or whatever did the same course and didnt get a job as a biomedical scientists so are doing further studies such as nursing, teaching etc.

    I personally would like to try and do a PGCE on top of the biomed degree as I like the idea of teaching. But..... what is the point in doing the biomed degree and then doing teaching 1 year on top and becoming a teacher? What was all my hard work for the biomed degree?

    This is really bugging me as I dont know what to do! Should I just do a teaching degree instead? or work hard for the biomed degree and hope for the best? Plus currently I am doing 1 hour commute to do biomed at the uni wheras the teaching uni is only 20 mins away from me- the distance matters as well!

    Some advice please! Really feeling low!

    Well, Im in Sixth Form atm, and am looking to study biomed.
    I can see there are quite a few careers in the NHS and things, but I think you need to look at what YOU really LOVE doing.
    What are you more passionate about; Biomed, or teaching.
    If it's teaching, then try to see if you can get some work experience at a school
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    I've been told by many people at uni that you will HAVE to top up your biomed degree with a speciality like immunology or haematology because the job prospects with just a biomed degree are low. The most likely thing being that as a PGCE takes 1 year on top its probably the most likely thing i'l be doing after the biomed degree.

    I'm confused as to if I should chose my passion over job prospects or the other way round. Beacuse eventhough teaching is a stressful job their are many job prospects for it in my area wheras I have been continually checking for bomed opportunities and they are pretty low.

    So confused!
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Updated: October 17, 2011
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