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OVER!!-protective parents?? Watch


    Moderately protective. They give us a certain amount of freedom and they're really not that strict, but they still look after us.

    Even if my Dad and I are out for a walk, he insists on walking on the outside of the footpath (nearest to the road) and I'm 18. If I go out I am expected to "check in" with them, to tell them where I am and how I'm getting on, etc. Most of the time I am dropped off to places and picked up; which is mainly out of convenience as I don't own an Oyster Card.

    Around six years ago, I remember my Mum and Dad had to move the computer from the study into the kitchen so they could monitor what we went on! And my Mum would always ask who I was texting and so on. They would be cautious over who we were friends with as well, which now makes total sense.

    They're quite protective over my sister (she's 11), even more so than when I was her age. I'm in year 13 and she's in year 7, and if neither of my parents are around to pick her up, she has to walk home with me. At that age I believe I was able to walk home alone.

    I would say that they do normal things to make sure we're safe, but without being over the top.

    As a parent, I think this is a very difficult balance to get right, I may have been over protective of my son before he went to Uni. For example, he had never cooked and was therefore slightly unprepared. And he had never used a bus - we took him to fiends house most of the time - but then we live in the sticks so there are not many buses.
    But I was very reluctant to ring him when he was out unless there was a real reason to eg are you coming home for dinner?If not, then fine. As it happens he has now learned to cook because he had no choice. He uses busses all the time becaue he has to.
    Interestingly, He is now in Nottingham which has an undeserved reputation for crime. But we worry more when he is out in our local small town than we do in Nottingham. This is quite common among parents even those with kids in their thirties

    (Original post by thefacts)
    I know some people who parents are very over-protective of them.

    It feels to me as though they are living in a sort of prison.

    Have your parents ever being over-protective of you? I know this can considerably affect the child's development and therefore limit him/her in certain ways. Interestingly, it can also affect their sexuality. Most people seem to think that this is an utter bit of crap. However, it is true.
    so rent a house, live on your own until one day you finally find out something```

    My mum is like this , she always wants to know where im going when i go out even tho i don't say i just say to a friends.
    This is mainly cos it makes me feel like a little kid and as tho she can't trust me so she feels she has to know where iam.
    i also pretend i don't have facebook because i don't want her to keep asking questions about it or talk to me as tho i don't know any dangers about internet and social networking.
    she also doesn't know about loads of stuff ive done/places ive been etc simply because its alot easier and less hassle for me not to mention it.
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Updated: October 29, 2011
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