Guy starts flirting with me after I tell him I have a husband?

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    There's a guy at College and we are friends, but he used to flirt (a little) now and again but since he found out i have a husband he's began flirting ALOT. As in major. And every time he flirts, I do keep bringing my husband up indirectly but he just ignores it or makes it out as though its a minor thing when infact its not.

    I love my husband and I'm really happy with him but then i feel guilty, despite not doing anything.

    And I have told him to calm down because i have a husband but tbh flirting is the only language he knows.And he's one of my only friends so I don't really want to get rid of him.

    Furthermore,I got married very young (was only 17 and no, I didn't get knocked up) but when I tell guys I'm married they start randomly flirting with me?one jerk started touching my hands.Why do they do this?

    We're all 18 in this scenario????

    Why did you get married so young? they probably think you're a gypsy and forced into it therefore unhappy.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Why do they do this?

    We're all 18 in this scenario????
    Maybe because you are 'safe'. They can practice their flirting/techniques without you becoming all clingly and wanting a relationship. They know you aren't available so don't fear the rejection in the same way they do with single girls.

    Or maybe they see you as a challenge. I was with my partner young and it did seem like guys wanted to persuade me away from him, or tried to tease me in the same way some people waved chicken drumsticks in my face when they found out I was vegetarian or tried to tempt me with a piece of cake if I said I was dieting. Some men would rise to the challenge so to speak.

    Or maybe they are just jerks. Eighteen year old guys aren't always known for their maturity and sensible approach to life.

    No clue but may relate to this mentality: when a girl has a boyfriend it's like you could be trying to prize her from him by flirting, when she's married it's like you can't lose


    Wow that's well young!

    Tell him he's making you feel uncomfortable or don't hang out with him.

    But I don't know something tells me you are enjoying the attention.


    Challenge accepted.
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Updated: January 6, 2012
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