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Landlord bullying me - can I submit special circumstances for exams? Watch


    (Original post by sperm is bad)
    If your landlord wants to give you notice to leave he can do and would be perfectly within his rights to do so, however he can't legally just throw you out on the street, he will have to act within the lines of the tenancy agreement and give you either one or two month's notice depending on the type of contract you've signed.
    That would be unusual for an assured shorthold tenancy, which is what the OP probably has. They are normally for a fixed term with no possibility of early termination on either side. If it does contain early termination provisions, they must be strictly complied with, and any failure to comply will prevent the landlord obtaining possession.

    If the OP found herself in this position she should seek legal advice as early as possible.

    I'm studying property law right now so this is all from the top of my head:

    the fact that he has not repaired the faulty cooker is a breach of the contract. there are many safety regulations that apply to stuff like the oven, micro wave, etc which occur automatically without you saying anything, he has to by law if providing you with anything in the flat make sure that it is of sound condition and suitable for the purpose that it is used for. at the moment, the oven that you have is faulty and not suitable for the purpose that it is used for, thus a breach has occured. the act takes into account the fact that it would take some time for the landlord to buy a new oven/repair it etc but 6 months is too long so he IS commiting a breach.

    secondly, harassing the tenant, forcing them to move out with a reasonable time frame is illegal so he cannot just turn up on the doorstep and say, "get out the flat". he must give you reasonable notice, otherwise again there would be a breach in the contract.

    So, don't worry about it,your landlord is just digging himself into a bigger hole. Just focus on your studies. Hope your exam went well x

    I had similar experiences. One peice of advice is don't pay any rent for the last month-so you don't lose the deposit which he is likely to keep.
    I think its crap that universities are unsympathetic in regards to mittigating circumstances for students, but lecturers cAN Take time off at thr drop of a hat for the same things.

    My landlord's MOTHER kept coming round the house uninvited last year. We had to get someone from the advice centre in the SU to remind her it is illegal for landlords (and their mums) to just drop by without twenty four hours notice. From then on, she stood outside to say what she wanted to say, so it was slightly better. I think you should see someone in your SU, they can get tough on rogue landlords and their agents. What does your contract say about animals?
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    Thanks for the advice everyone! I knew it would probably be a worthless attempt for the exams, I was just really angry that the landlord had dropped me in all this stress at what is already a difficult time!

    My tenancy ends at a fixed date (june) and I've signed on a different place with a different agency for next year.

    You have mainly confirmed what I thought. I would rather avoid a stressful and drawn out legal case, but I'm not going to forfeit my rights just to avoid the hassle. I think the landlord is basically bullying me to get rid of the rats, expecting me to just dump them somewhere which I'm not willing to do. They are living animals, not trash. If he tries to evict me, I can probably fight it through the courts and am likely to win.

    All of this could have been avoided if he hadn't agreed in the first place when he was going to change his mind later on (I wouldn't have even bought them!) The tenancy agreement says "No pets to be kept without the landlord's prior permission (such permission not to be unreasonably withheld)." So I haven't broken the agreement. He gave me permission. Surely he can't just revoke and reinstate permissions throughout the term of the tenancy whenever he wants... Besides, it seems to me that it is unreasonably withholding permission if I only bought the rats because he gave me permission in the first place.

    I don't have a problem with people viewing the house, I understand he has to try and sell it... but I don't expect them to come into the house without even letting me know. I was in my underwear reading a book on one occasion when they came barging in and opened the door. Very rude! Sometimes they tell one of the tenants by phone call, but he forgets to mention it. They should just either text or email all of us at once. It's not rocket science.

    (Original post by SmokedSalmon)

    Basically, my Landlord and his agents have been bullying me. They come to the property without my permission to do viewings all the time, take photos of the bedrooms and my possessions without permission, refused to replace a faulty cooker for 6 months...

    At the start, the landlord verbally said I could have pets, which I did then get. But because of having to eventually replace the cooker (I said I would take legal advice if not), he decided he'd changed his mind.

    He came round yesterday and said that he could easily chuck me out for having the pet rats (that he gave me permission for at start of tenancy). And that he was going to do so if I didn't get rid of them. I've asked around/advertised but I can't find anyone to take them. Being harrassed by the landlord (him coming into the house without permission yesterday for example and saying he's gonna chuck me out) has really distracted me from exams. I feel like I have no rights and I don't know what my rights are here.

    Can I try and submit special circumstances for this for my university exams, or will they think that I'm taking the mickey?

    I'm finding it so hard to concentrate with the worry that I may be made homeless...
    1) Discuss with your citizen advice bureau [] a free service that are usually VERY upto date on these issues.
    2) Check your lease agreement for how long OFFICIAL notice your landlord must give, and how long your contract is. It should also say about notice prior to him entering the property.
    Based on this you can write a letter advising him not to enter your property without sufficient prior notification for each episode.
    If they fail to do so then you change the locks.

    Unless you have been stupid enough to sign the killer of all contracts the law will be very much on your side.
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Updated: January 27, 2012
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