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Girl injured by speeding driver awarded £5m


    70 in a 30 should be a life ban from driving. Stupidly dangerous.

    (Original post by Miracle Day)
    Really? These children do not have food, health care, a stable household, clean water.. unlike this girl
    But the point is that it isn't as though this millionaire was going to otherwise give this £5m to charity, he was probably just going to buy himself a few supercars and a big house.

    Think about it, her life is practically OVER. The money isn't going to make a difference to HER. Her family, yes a HUGE difference, but not her. Based on the OP she wouldn't know if they had nothing or everyhting.

    I think nearly 100% of people would rather it not have happened, no matter how much they get

    Iam sure the girls parents would give all the compo back in a heartbeat if it meant she got her health back... Anyway strikes me that the man who did this to her, and also is the cause of this massive payout has got off rather lightly. He should be financially ruined at the very least.Every scrap of income or resources should be taken from him, and in the future he ought to have to give a certain percentage of any wage he earns for life. Should have got longer in prison as well and never allowed to drive a car again. 70 in a 30 zone is a complete disregard for human life,should be attempted murder.

    (Original post by Pitt1988)
    If the family are already minted I don't think giving that much money is necessary. The guy that knocked her down should have got much longer in jail though, that's a pathetic amount of time to serve for destroying her life.
    A person's financial position should be irrelevant when making a claim in court. Everybody should be treated equally. Any compensation or damages awarded should only be related to the loss caused to the person.

    The family may be rich already, but they won't be for long if they had to pay £450k per year for their daughter's care for the next few years out of their own pocket, even if they are "millionaires".

    It would also mean she might not get the best treatment possible.

    I actually think about £5m is right for brain damage and a permanent loss in quality of life as a one off payment. I'm no expert but yhe additional £450k per annum for maintenance is probably right too and I'm sure the court will have looked at all the estimated costs involved for full time care, medicine and treatment.
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Updated: February 24, 2012
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