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Sexuality Workshop for Secondary Schools Watch

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    I really wasn't sure where to put this so I've just gone with here - move as necessary.

    I was on another forum recently and noticed a thread asking how many people had received LGBT/sexuality education while they were at school and it seemed there's a bit of a lack of info in this area.

    I believe that many schools like to skirt round issues of sexuality (understandably, it's a tough topic even today) but it's still very difficult for a lot of LGBT young people growing up in the closet and I think it would really help not just kids that are closeted but also to bring awareness of LGBT people and issues to non-LGBT people in classes. In the encounters I've had in the past with homophobia the generally they've stemmed from ignorance of the subject matter and I would like to try and bring a bit of info on the area to help make everyone a bit more tolerant in the long run.

    My proposal: To voluntarily establish a sexuality workshop that I can bring to schools in my local area. I imagine it'd be a 1 hour talk during their General Studies/PSE time and obviously I'll be letting the school review my talk outline before I can go ahead. My aim is NOT to preach or lecture people about the virtues/drawbacks of LGBT people or to get bogged down in political issues like gay marriage, I just want to try and illustrate that LGBT people are not significantly different from everyone else in society.

    What I would like to know is, REALISTICALLY, how viable is this idea? If there are any teachers on here then what kind of chance do I have of being allowed to do such a talk and are there any other issues that I might need to address? I'm still not sure what kind of age group this needs to be aimed at so if anyone has any ideas on that then that would be good.

    I think that young people need to be taught that being L/G/B/T is ok but it needs to be done in a careful way. I'm straight but I can look at another woman and think that she is pretty or has a nice figure etc. If kids aren't taught this topic properly they may think 'omg I looked at my friend Sarah today and thought she was good looking, that must make me a lesbian' :eek:
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