Graduate entry nursing?

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    Hi all,

    I'm a newbie here considering going back to uni, and would love some input

    I graduated back in 2006 with a 2:1 in Zoology and for the past couple of years I've been working in my local hospital lab as a medical laboratory assistant. It's an ok job, but it's not a graduate position and I can't progress any further. I could become a biomedical scientist if I went back to uni, but my boss won't fund my studies and I'm not sure it's what I want to do. I really enjoy working for the NHS and desperately want to do something more exciting than sticking stickers on samples!

    I briefly considered nursing a few years ago and it's something I'm starting to look at more seriously. Nottingham do graduate entry nursing, and as it's based in Derby- where I live- it seems ideal. Has anyone else gone down this route & cares to share their experiences?

    Thanks in advance!

    I've not gone down the GEN route however i'm at nottingham currently, qualifying in a couple of months and have many colleagues who have. So..any questions just ask!

    However bare in mind the curriculum is majorly changing this year!


    I'm not a student but a lecturer on the graduate entry nursing course - we have an open day on 12th November where you could come and meet some current students or if you want some course information you can email me - [Removed - please use PMs].

    Hi there,

    I have just been offered an interview for the graduate entry nursing course at Nottingham next month. Just wondering if anyone had any experience of the Advanced Standing of Practice documentation as it's really confusing me!

    Anyone filled one in before/have any knowledge of them?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Congratulations on getting an interview. I've applied too but not heard yet, although I sent my application off two days late so probably will have another month to wait, but getting a bit desperate. Would love an interview to show them how passionate I am about nursing. Have you got much experience Staverner?
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