Does Bio-Oil even out skin tone on darker skin?

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    Unfortunatley I suffered an incident in which i suffered superficial burns on my forearm. I suffered the burns 12 weeks ago. Initially i had to keep it under bandages and now the area is pink'ish and of a lighter tone to that of my natural skin colour (brown). I think it might be due to a loss of pigmentation.

    I've been contemplating using Bio-Oil however ,i am unsure whether it will even out the affected area to become darker so that it evens out to my natural skin tone. Would anyone reccomend it for darker skin?

    Also are there any creams which can restore skin pigementation? A long shot i know but maybe there's something out there?

    With burn marks, you have to be patient, my brother had two very big incidents with a kettle and iron at a relatively young age, but in the years that have passed these marks and burns have faded and he never used any products at all. You could use bio oil, but as long as the area is taken care of and protected as burnt skin is more sensitive to UV rays than un-burnt skin.

    I have used bio oil for stretch marks and other small scars and it has taken sometime, but i finally seeing a difference. In the two years since I've started using it, my marks have faded and are no longer as obvious.

    My advice is let your skin heal properly and make sure it doesn't dry out as some burn can do that and that is protected at from harsh sunlight. You can start using bio-oil, but don't expect miraculous results, but your skin should eventually after 3-6 months show some improvement. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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Updated: June 9, 2012
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