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    I'm applying to do nursing for sep '10, and was reading about what the uni have suggested as accomodation for those doing nursing. However i'm not to keen on them (Abbotsbury House and Corfe House).
    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they are just a recommendation as they are close to hospitals, or would i HAVE to stay in them???
    I would much prefer Cranbourne or Purbeck... would it be possible for me to stay in these?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    You get what your given at BU im afraid...if you apply for accomadation like all other students just put purbeck or w/e and hope..

    Just a tip dont spend 2 much time thinking about it.. cause the chances are you will be put into somewhere you didnt expect. (nursing may be diffrent)

    Hi Gerry, I've applied for Nursing starting in Sept too
    I had my interview today, and I basically asked them to clear up the situation with accommodation..
    The guy that interviewed me said it is entirely up to us, but that he recommends hospital/abbotsbury house simply because it' predominantly nurses and they will be more thoguhtful about noise during the night and early shifts etc. But he did say we could apply for anywhere and liase with them over contracts? I have heard in lots of places though that accommodation is hard to get at BU, and lots of people don't get their choice anyway.
    Hope this helps! x x


    Ive been offered a place for Adult Nursing at Bournemouth this year!
    So is it true we don't HAVE to live in Abbotsbury House!?

    I know its an old thread, sorry!

    Poppy xx

    Hey poppy I've been offered a place also but for child's nursing! I think we do have to live there because our course is longer and it's the only place that is open for all the weeks we are at uni. Have you got your placement locality yet??? Evie x
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