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    so I need to hand in my EE until 1 march. I am almost finished. I needed to lock myself up for a week in the house in order to get started and finish in time. So what are your topics? I have chosen " By what methods and with what success did Lenin consolidate the Bolshevik rule between 1918- 1924?"

    Ooh - I'm very close! I did: "To what extent was the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia a Bolshevik coup d'etat rather than a popular uprising?".

    I had a terrible time with it (had to switch titles again and again) but finished it a month or so ago. I am quite proud of it now though! And it taught me so much about writing a really focused research paper. Starting the actual write-up was the hardest thing ever though.

    Well done - it's so good once you've finished, you're free!
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    Yes, i was so relieved when I handed in the paper. It was hard- work and many sleepless nights. I actually had to rewrite my hole paper in 5 days, it wasn't very focused on the research question, so I had chosen another title. Now we must wait for the results. Hope we both get good grades cause I believe the Bolshevik revolution was a great topic to investigate. :d

    Good job on handing them in guys! I did mine in biology and it is seriously one of the best feelings ever when you get it done. Tbh, once I'd handed mine in the entire of the IB seemed that much easier because I didn't have to worry about it anymore! The great thing about EE is also when you get to uni, writing 2,500 word essays or 1,500 word essays seems easy- well it has in my first year anyway. Don't worry about the marks too much though... EE grades can be wierd, let me put it that way. My teacher told me I'd written one of the best ones he'd ever seen (he'd graded tonnes before) and I got a C. For me, the experience of the EE was the most important bit, not that actual grade!
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