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    (Original post by Bhadra)
    I know that there are a few scholarships for Indian students applying to Cambridge, but you have to be going to a school in India and I think you are obliged to work for the government for two years afterward.
    I live in Malaysia;most of the Malaysian students who got into Cambridge showed their acceptance letters to the government and came out with a partial scholarship!
    hey bhadra, which malaysian scholarship are you referring to?

    (Original post by Tyrone Slothrop)
    Hey, I applied from New Zealand last year and got an offer for History, so I'll see if I can help.
    Oxford and Cambridge dont put a whole lot of emphasis on grades. I dont think they make up more than about 10% of the entire selection process. To them, A Levels test your ability to rote memorize material, not how well you can argue/think/adapt your mind to new information, which is what they care for.
    I never had to submit transcripts throughout the entire process.
    What subject are you applying to study?

    I know the interviews online look easy, I thought the exact same thing, but they are WAY harder when your there in person than they look to a spectator. The interviews online are designed to give an impression of what they are like, while not scaring prospective applicants off, and thus they go very smoothly. Noones actual interview goes like that.
    Hi my fellow kiwi I am currently looking at applying to Oxford for English or History for 2014. My problem is that I am stressing out over my IGCSE results i got a B in Chem an A in Bio, Maths, Physics and History as well as an A* in English literature. Assuming I do really well in my A levels and entrance tests do I stand a good chance at an interview and if I do well there an offer or have my IGCSE`s screwed me over. Did you do IGCSE in NZ as well? I`m worried my IGCSE`s wont even get me a chance to get to the interview stage.


    do you know whether it is necessary to open a bank account at an English bank or is it sufficient to have one in Germany?


    (Original post by LetThemEatCake)
    Doesn't FAFSA give loans to Americans studying in the U.K.? I don't know if it covers everything but it's something. And then of course getting a student-work visa.

    Since we are on this subject, how does payment actually work?
    Yes, FAFSA covers most UK schools. You can look up codes on their website if you go "Foreign country" and then select school.

    You file it just the same as for US schools, and they determine your eligibility the same way, based on your and your parents income tax return for the previous year. It can be 100% or less, depending on that.

    Then you sign MPN (master promissory note) and College is informed electronically of your eligibility. This is great thing about Oxford - they are one of the few, and maybe the only, UK uni that has electronic connection to FAFSA, most unis ask you to send them hard copies of everything. (i.e. print copies of documents from FAFSA and mail them). Oxford does not, they connect to FAFSA directly.

    Once you are confirmed payment is made directly to College, and they deduct fees and other expenses and refund the difference to you as a check in pounds that you can deposit to your UK account three times a year: October, January and April. Next year you repeat the whole thing.

    As for student visa - it allows you to work 180 days a year part time or 90 days a year full time, i.e. during the break.
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