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    Hello UoP folk, whether it be freshers or existing students me and my current housemate are after people to go in to accommodation with next year.

    It will be both of our fourth years in Portsmouth (both have had an extra year of uni due to course changes) and whilst our current housemates are graduating we're after some new sound people to house with.

    Both in our 20's but have the ability to be 18 if need be ;p We're both fun, nice guys, go out a bit too much than we can afford and are both extremely good at paying our share of the bills. I'd say we were pretty decent to live with anyway!

    We're after nice, fun and considerate people, not interested in people who focus so much on their study that they become unsociable!

    If you already have a house and need housemates then perfect, if not then we're more than willing to meet up with people and have a look at a couple of places. Would like to talk to people via facebook first just to see if there are any drastic personality clashes and to see if we're likely to click (especially when living for a year!)

    Any questions please don't hesitate to ask, if you wanna chat some more message me your facebook or whatever other way you want to talk.

    All the best,


    also consider advertising on gumtree you'll get a fair bit more of responses from there
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    Thanks tweety I've put up a post on there too!

    Got one possibly, still after one or two more though if anyone would like to chat about accom

    You'll probably have more luck in July when we know who has accommodation and not, and then again in August when people who made it their insurance need to find a place to stay? Not sure x
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Updated: April 26, 2012
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