Radiotherapy and oncology (visit to radiotherapy department-Weston park hospital)

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    I have my observation day at Weston park hospital in May (date still to be confirmed) at the radiotherapy department. I hav done as much research as possible and I'm 99.9% positive that this is the path that I would like to take and try my level best to become a therapeutic radiotherapist.

    I was wondering if someone could tell me what sort of Q's I should ask at the radiotherapy department.
    I don't feel I have any unanswered Q's.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    To show initiative, you could ask questions that you already know the answer to. They'll be impressed that you thought about it, and you may be surprised if you get an answer you hadn't thought of/were incorrect in the first place.
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    Q's like? As I don't want to sound silly?
    But thanks for suggestion.
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    My date is coming really close, plz any help to what Q's I should ask??

    Thanks in advance

    Im assuming this is a clinical visit:
    Just be normal, observant, don't look bored even if you are. Look professional and caring. Smile even if you are being ignored. Don't look shocked at any patient you observe. Don't ask silly questions like 'will he die because he's got cancer'. Be sensitive to patients and their carers. If you get approached by a patient asking questions, just be polite and say you're a student observer and will find someone qualified to help.
    Just observe the daily routine of the job.
    Don't ever ask questions when they are setting up the patient for treatment. Always ask when they are free.

    Obvious Questions:
    1. If you find a student - ask them what the course and clinical work is really like. They tend to be more open and honest.

    For staff - potential questions:
    2. Why did you choose this career?
    3. Get them to share their experiences Of the job.
    4. Do you always work in teams?
    5. How does the career framework work?
    6. It looks like a stressful job - how do you manage that?
    7. It looks like a really interesting and rewarding job. Job satisfaction?? Do you still like the job.
    8. Do you treat lots of different cancers ?
    9. Do you treat children too?
    10. Is it always busy? How many patients are treated every day ( dont look shocked when they tell you).
    11. Do patients come in every day for treatment? What about weekends? Why ?
    12. Do you work closely with doctors and nurses?

    Be prepared for questions too. They will give feedback to your Uni about your professional behaviour/appearance, suitability, whether you asked questions and communication skills. Don't be shy. But don't over-communicate either.

    They may ask you:
    1. Why have you chosen this career
    2. What's the role of a radiographer
    3. How will you manage busy day and stress
    4. Do you like working in a team
    6. Sometimes their are personality clashes and conflicts in a team - how will you cope.

    Good luck
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    Thankyou so much, I've written my Qs that I felt I should ask. It makes me confident to know I was on the right path (was nervous), I had some of the same Q's planned to ask.

    Thanks for the help, really, really appreciated.
    And thanks for the reminder of how my overall behaviour should be. :-)

    Hey there - I was wondering how you organized your observation day at Weston park hospital ? I'm wanting to do the same, was there a person you contacted directly. Any help or advise would be awesome!

    Also how did it go? I hope you really enjoyed it
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    Hey, yes I really enjoyed the day, it was very knowledgable and interesting. I contacted the college where I will be starting the access health science diploma this September, and they helped me organise it, very straight forward as soon as a tutor from college was helping.

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Updated: June 11, 2012
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