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    Whats the best way to go about getting work experience in a primary and secondary school? Not sure whether to call, write a letter, email or even approach the school? Anyone got any ideas... :confused:

    It's normally easiest to get into a school where you were previously a pupil. I'd contact one of your old teachers who you got on well with and who is still there. They can sort things out for you. You'll need a CRB check and in my experience most schools are loathe to apply for these on your behalf.

    If you have moved to a different area, then it's worth calling a local school directly or emailing the head teacher using the contact details on the school website. It can be difficult to get into schools in some areas so you may need to ask quite a few.

    Hey there.

    I've just finished three months work experience in a Primary school in a neighbouring village. I got this via family contacts - my brother and sister went to the school many moons ago and my Mum knows a number of the staff, including the headteacher, so could get me a meeting with her.

    However, before that I sent letters out to each and every primary school within the bus route radius. I got one response, and that was from my old headteacher at her new school. Unfortunately they had already 'filled their quota for work experience placements' for the entire year!
    And way before the letters I'd also gone to my own primary school in person to ask for a meeting with the headteacher, who I had a very positive chat with, but then I never heard from her again.

    So I'm inclined to agree with NorthernerinLondon - personal/family connections are the easiest route. Though that doesn't rule out calling up the school or dropping the headteacher a letter. The key is to perservere, though!

    I'd just like to add that the school I was just in was more than happy to send off and cover the cost of my CRB check - whether this is an anomoly or not, I only have this one experience to go on.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on

    (Original post by Aseesi)
    I'd just like to add that the school I was just in was more than happy to send off and cover the cost of my CRB check - whether this is an anomoly or not, I only have this one experience to go on.
    There is no CRB charge for volunteers.


    (Original post by Mr M)
    There is no CRB charge for volunteers.
    That'll be why they didn't mind then! Like I said, this is the only CRB experience I've had thus far.
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