Frequent fainting after seeing blood but want to be a doctor, help me!

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    I've just had another episode of this triggered by getting a nose bleed in the shower. I've currently got flu so I thought my nose was just feeling a bit full because of all the mucous, so I wiped my nose with my hands, looked at them and they were covered in blood. I knew immediately this wouldn't end well so I got out the shower and a few moment later, when I entered my room my vision started to go blurry and I stopped being able to hear anything clearly. I sat down on my chair and as usual I blacked out for a moment, with lots of weird images racing through my head. Two minutes later I wake up and feel very weak, my entire body is tingling and I can barely move.

    My blood pressure is somewhat low, 105/55-ish last time I had it checked, but that alone never seems to trigger this kind of thing, so I don't know So far I've just been hoping that I will get more used to seeing blood and things and this 'reflex' will go away.

    Other times it's happened were when I was in a hospital doing work experience on A&E and one of the doctors was performing a femoral stab on a lady with kidney and liver failure who had lots of fluid under her skin all over her body, after having a blood test (I felt fine after, it only came on a while later when I was walking down the stairs), and when I was doing a kidney dissection in Biology and accidentally cut into my own hand with the scalpel.

    During the work experience at the hospital I did as I mentioned earlier on, after that happened (it was on the first day that i fainted) I made sure I drank lots and ate plenty of sugary things the other days I was there and nothing happened, even when I watched people getting stitched up or having normal blood tests done.

    I had a full blood count and fasting blood sugars done and they all came back fine. So is it just that I have a bad tolerance for blood or could it be something else?
    Also, am I likely to get over this the more blood I'm exposed to?

    I'd really appreciate any help

    it seems that from what i have read here the consensus is to de-sentize yourself...

    maybe applied tension could help you, sounds a it weird though.
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    (Original post by rac1)
    it seems that from what i have read here the consensus is to de-sentize yourself...

    maybe applied tension could help you, sounds a it weird though.
    The applied tension thing sounds interesting. I just not sure how to go about de-sensitising myself because I don't mind videos or photographs of blood at all, it's just quite specific situations that make me faint unless it's me bleeding.

    what did the doctors at the hospital say, don't know why that just occured to me!?
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Updated: April 4, 2012
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